Aug 19 2012

A Sad Day for Freedom. Kentucky Must Acknowledge Almighty God to be Safe.



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    Well, if The Almighty himself is protecting the great Commonwealth of Kentucky, then it would be selfish for them to maintain all of that surveillance and law enforcement infrastructure at federal expense. Those of us in the other 49 states have only our wits and the resources of a democratic society to depend on. We can’t do miracles.

  2. 2

    What? They’re not thanking Thor and his mighty hammer? Blasphemous!!!


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    Birger Johansson

    The link appears to be borked.

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    Brian F

    Ya have to wonder what would be considered and “establishment of religion” if requiring a state official to publicly state that God was necessary to protect the state from harm. They feel it is appropriate to require a state official to indorse this idea, what’s left but to require ME, a private citizen, to endorse the concept?

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