Conservatives Attack a Major Pillar of American Freedoms.

Check out this, and the great number of reader responses generated thereby.

They argue that putting a 17 foot steel cross, weighing many tons, that has been blessed, sanctified, and worshiped, in the 9/11 museum, is not an attempt to endorse or establish the Christian religion.

Wonder just how they think it would look if they were trying to establish the Christian religion in the museum?

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  1. kenbo says

    I keep wondering why they say the beams are shaped like a “t” and not like an “x” (on two legs instead of one)…allow the beams to be placed in the museum, but place it as an “x”, problem solved!

    The Xians will have their X (no pun intended), but they will need to contort themselves a bit to see it, just as they contort their view of reality to “see” a god where there is none.


  2. piegasm says

    They’re not trying to establish their religion but the second someone objects to their cross they’re howling about their right to practice their religion being infringed upon.

  3. says

    This does cause me to wonder if this is placed as described if the Muslims will not feel welcome and thus not visit the museum in as great a quantity as might be expected given their demographics. And if Muslims fail to visit for this reason will this be used by some Christians to show how Muslims isolate themselves?

  4. =8)-DX says

    Wasn’t the main argument that the 9/11 museum won’t contain only “Christian-themed” materials? I mean I thought there were going to be Jewish/Muslim-themed things as well? (As an atheist I can accept all the rest of the exhibits as atheist-themed =)

    • JanaTheVeganPiranha says

      The religious will tolerate no objection to their extreme PRIVILEGE. This is why they rob, rape, and kill- they have given themselves that right- and written laws to degree it. “Legal” only means “profitable to some fatfuck”.

  5. F says

    They aren’t trying to establish a Christian religion. They’re just trolling non-Christians and secular Christians. Like, /b/ or something. Because those who believe in the Separation take themselves too seriously. Get over it.

  6. anubisprime says


    Conservatives Attack a Major Pillar of American Freedoms.

    They would gnaw their own leg off at the groin to get their jeebus delusion front and center, even betray their own countries constitution, it is after-all what xians do, it is what they have always done!

  7. Brian F says

    If you look at pictures of “the cross” you may notice that it is almost always shown with a jacket or a cloth on one of the “arms” of the cross, the reason for this can be seen in the occasional photo without the cloth. That side of the “miraculous” cross was conveniently flame cut during the demolition process at the proper length to make a symmetrical Latin Cross out of what was actually just two pieces of metal at right angles to one another (a fairly unmiraculous occurrence in steel building construction). Like so many “miracles” this one had a bit of help. Some Believing worker fashioned a cross and the credulous followers of superstition want this “miracle” displayed in a museum as proof of a God who is concerned with the affairs of humans.

  8. Crudely Wrott says

    I wasn’t aware that one arm had been cut to “give the impression” or “create the illusion” of the wholly whorrible instrument of torture and death. Hmm.

    It therefore was just an Old Ragged Ex when first found, wasn’t it?

    More slight of hand courtesy of Teh Truly Failthful.

  9. Jim in AZ says

    Can we be a little more accurate here? The ACLJ is yes, a “conservative” organization, but moreso, a “conservative christian” organization founded by Pat Robertson(ugh!).

  10. julietdefarge says

    If I were a survivor of a non-Christian person who died in the World Trade Center, I’d certainly demand that my loved one’s faith(or lack of) be given equal representation, in the form of a bit of rubble in the form of crescent, an A, a star of David, etc.

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