Sep 07 2008

Praisin’ McCain!

Little Light runs a dog-whistle through a filter, so the rest of us can hear it. I must say, I was wondering what the point of Huckabee’s desk story was, let alone why it got such a response from the audience. Now that I know McCain’s secret identity, though…

When John McCain was crucified
Er, tortured, in Hanoi,
His actions served to earn a desk
For every girl and boy.

You cannot earn a desk yourself,
No matter what you do;
Be grateful Jesus John McCain
Has earned that desk for you.

So give him thanks; send John McCain
Your votes as well as prayers–
He died so we could all have desks!
(The school board bought the chairs.)

Hat tip to Bora!


  1. 1
    little light

    Oh my God, I think this is my favorite response.

  2. 2

    Yikes! Scary! Not your post. Your poem was perfectly barbed, as usual…

  3. 3
    Blake Stacey

    Well said.(Oh, incidentally, my blog has moved, if you’d like to update your sidebar thingy.)

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