The movie

A movie was made on the separation of me and my cat. The Movie called Nirbashito got the Indian national award for the best Bengali film.

I am a forbidden name in the subcontinent. Many filmmakers wanted to make films about me or based on my stories. But no one could do that.


  1. SC says

    I’m excitingly waiting to see this movie, but I know its more pain striking.
    Please be care full, as these hooligans are targeting you, its better if you decide to move out of their territory, the long you live, the long you can give to the society, the free thinkers will have more power and strength from you, please think. Its not fleeing away for life, its a different way to fight the thugs.

    You don’t know really, how many people’s heart and thoughts you have touched. Please be careful, do not roam around alone, do not give anyone your home address, you know all these, but I prefer to say this, please stay safe.

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