Stop going to mosques!

Mosques are dangerous. It is better not to go to mosques for prayers. Mosques are now the biggest target for Islamic terrorist attacks. A suicide bomber blew himself up inside a Sunni mosque in central Iraq, killing at least 20 people in the middle of a sermon on Friday.

mosque blasts

Don’t forget about the other mosque blasts.

1. Mecca Mosque bombing.

2. Jama mosque attack.

3. Jama mosque explosion.

4. Malegaon bombings.

5. Walsal bomb blast.

6. Ajmer Dargah attack.

7. Red mosque event.

8. Red mosque suicide attack.

9. Bombings in Pakistani mosques.

10. Damascus mosque suicide bomb blast.

These are just a few of the hundreds of mosque blasts.

Mosques are called Allah’s houses. Allah’s houses are not safe. Non-Muslims or non-believers rarely attack mosques. Most of the times Mosques are bombed by believers of Allah to kill believers of Allah.


  1. Nick Gotts says

    Non-Muslims or non-believers do not attack mosques.

    Unfortunately, some of them do. There have been quite a few attacks on mosques by non-Muslim far right extremists in the UK.

  2. Jockaira says

    It is important to note that in Europe and most of the west, that non-Muslim attacks on mosques usually occur when the mosques are empty, and rarely are these attacks intended to cause injury or death but instead involve only vandalism and superficial desecration.
    A glaring exception to this is India, where it seems routinely mosques are attacked even during religious services with gunfire and bombs,with the obvious intent being to kill and maim. Of course Muslims in India also attack Hindu temples in the exact same manner while at the same time attacking mosques occupied by Muslims.
    The attacks on mosques in the UK by “far right extremists” bear little resemblance to the attacks on mosques by Muslim radicals and fundamentalists and should not be equated with the death and destruction of Muslim attacks.
    In any case all these attacks seem foolish, even insane, because they give the victims higher status and justification in their theistic delusions

  3. Anil Galgali says

    U r right. Why this people targeted when common man pray for better society and there dreams. If there is God & He see our every moments & decide everyone Good & Bad attitudes then its God Role to survive from this type attacks & attackers to increase in a faith.

  4. Not You says

    You usually do the same thing
    That is mosque or religion-attacking
    Not by suicide bombing
    But by suicide writing

  5. F [is for fluvial] says

    S.H.Khan & Not You:

    That is some seriously twisted thinking, both of you. Astonishing. It’s a wonder religion hasn’t self-extinguished with that logic backing it up.

  6. left0ver1under says

    They should be called mosque-itos.

    You hear buzzing in your ears and lose some of your blood after being near one when a bomb goes off.

  7. 2up2down2furious says

    According to Wikipedia, at least two of those ten examples, and perhaps as many as four were perpetrated by non-Muslims (for two examples, authorities are not sure if the bombings were committed by Islamic fundamentalists or Hindu fundamentalists).

    I am the only person who finds it utterly grotesque that the author is snidely suggesting that the takeaway message concerning Hindu lynching of Muslims or intra-Muslim violence is that one should not attend a mosque? In 1963, a group of Christians firebombed a Black church in Birmingham, AL killing four young Black Christian girls. Would you blame the victims there as well?

    There are many excellent reasons to oppose all religions (including Islam) and to reflect seriously on the harm they cause in various societies, but delighting in the death of religious adherents and using this tragic, infuriating events to score points is at best puerile and at worst sadistic. One need not value empathy to be an atheist, but I would consider empathy to be an important lodestar to freethought and humanism.

  8. Jockaira says

    Your conflation of the bombing of the Birmingham Baptist Church with the bombing attacks on mosques shows virtually no balance, reason, or logic. Investigators, prosecutors, and juries found that the Birmingham bombing was entirely racially motivated, having nothing to do with religion though the perpetrators were members of the Ku Klux Klan, an organisation known for its love and defense of Jesus Christ.
    Even for the time (1960’s USA during the Civil Rights Struggle), this type of attack was extremely unusual and occurred 50 years ago. When is the last time you heard about a Christian Church being bombed by Christians of any flavor? The attacks on mosques of which Taslima speaks happen on a daily basis and according to claims by perpetrators are justified by religious shirk and other god-nonsense.
    Your comparison does a disservice to Taslima’s readers who are not familiar with the USA and its 42,000 Christian sects who generally get along pretty good with one another, and that, in my opinion, due entirely to our secular government which compels different groups not to attack one another and providing significant criminal penalties thereby.
    Full Disclosure: I am an atheist and consider ALL theists to be in a delusional state, and religion itself to be the worst thing ever to have happened to humans.

  9. Unm e zeenat says

    One day you will die and still if you see back you will not feel tired of life. But when you have to die eventually why you live? So people do not stop living because the fear of death.

    Sura nur aya 36
    His Light is found in those houses which Allah has sanctioned to be built for the remembrance of His name; where His praise is sung, in the mornings and in the evenings again and again.

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