‘Provocative clothing’ doesn’t provoke good men to rape

The 12th Annual No Pants Subway Ride took place yesterday in NYC. Many cities participated in the global No Pants Subway Ride. Here is the list.

– Adelaide
– Amsterdam
– Ann Arbor
– Århus
– Atlanta
– Austin
– Bangkok
– Barcelona
– Berlin
– Boston
– Brisbane
– Buenos Aires
– Calgary
– Chicago
– Charlotte
– Cleveland
– Cologne
– Copenhagen
– Dallas
– Edmonton
– Gelsenkirchen
– Hamburg
– Hong Kong
– Jerusalem
– Lisbon
– London
– Los Angeles
– Madrid
– Manchester
– Melbourne
– Mexico City
– Milan
– Minneapolis
– Montreal
– Munich
– New Orleans
– New York
– Paris
– Philadephia
– Phoenix
– Portland
– Prague
– Rio de Janeiro
– Rome
– San Diego
– San Francisco
– Santiago
– Santo Domingo
– São Paulo
– Seattle
– Shanghai
– Sofia, Bulgaria
– St. Louis
– Stockholm
– Sydney
– Toronto
– Toulouse
– Valencia
– Vancouver
– Warsaw
– Washington, DC
– Zürich





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Men and women without pants in so many cities riding subway are not raping each other. But there are countries where people blame women’s pants for rape. They believe pants are too provocative. Bad men rape women, doesn’t matter whether women are with or without pants. Good men do not rape women even if women are not only without pants, without any clothes too.
If ‘provocative clothing’ was the cause of rape, thousands of women would have been raped in 62 cities yesterday.


  1. Sheshansh says

    It’s really outrageous when some one suggests dressing as the cause for rape. whom are we kidding? And what age are we living in? Well such absurd logic would not have been valid even in feudal age but seeing such logic float in a modern society compels me to ask have we really moved ahead or we are just as animal as we were ages ago. being human is not about owning a flesh its about the spirit of knowing oneself and respecting the modesty of a fellow soul.

    • erenfred says

      Just because good men dont rape doesnt mean women have the right to take advantage and take off all their clothes in front of them,is that right?Do they like if the men took off all their clothes too?If so,let there cease to be reports of flashers,because that’s all they do-take off their clothes,they dont violate anyone physically.

      I’ve another theory,that women who are provocative are victimising women who are chaste and decent,because they imprint a bad impression on women and invite disrespect for them on the whole as a gender.And hence when rape happens,the victims are less believed,because of all these skanks and sluts.And feminists arent helping either,what with their “respect us even without our clothes” outcry.To these women,ask yourselves if u’d take a man seriously if he turns up in a meeting,with his shirt on,but with just briefs below.Go respect that,dont judge,then may u come back and tell me provocative women shouldnt be judged.

    • erenfred says

      Feminists should be getting women to behave like role models,NOT demanding that they be given respect when clearly not acting in a way that deserves any.Nobody would deny respect to any person who deserves.Mother Theresa is one good example of such an individual who deserves our utmost and undying respect,to be remembered even in death and for generations to come,for dedicating her life to alleviating the sick and impoverished,just like what any true follower of God would’ve done.

      • says

        Feminists are helping us be role models by teaching us to respect our bodies instead of being shy of them. You are giving the example of Mother Teresa, then remember, she too spent her life living among n helping leprosy patients, even though the society at that time deemed her as a ‘fool’ to do so. But she relentlessly helped them have a self respect for their own selves. We are following her thoughts only, because not being ashamed of our body is directly linked to our self-respect

    • erenfred says

      Technically,if we all live undressed,we’d be living like animals as animals dont wear clothes.But then,that’d be totally different from behaving like animals,in your context?Humans of today find such confusing ways to express their logic.

      • Vasuksha says

        Technically in animal kindom even, the males hv enough respect to get consent from a female before pounding her, taking into consideration that the female isn’t hiding behind clothes. Hence, the accused are even worse than animals if a bit of extra skin is provoking them enough to not b able to control their own hormones.

  2. Biswanath Saha says

    Good thinking and this is right too . The thing is not like the good people or bad people, this is because of the protectionist thinking of the countries of Indian sub-continent & the Muslim countries. According to me these countries should also declare themselves as sex-free nations. Recently, there was a news in the Daily Mail about the lowering of the age of consensual sex to 14. Why not these countries are following ?

  3. says

    I wonder how some of Ms Nasreen’s critics will reconcile her use of the phrase “good men” with their belief that she hates all men and wants to kill all of us.

  4. kaka daniel says

    hahaha…cool…why do they need to rape?when can fuck each other…does a man rape in brothel…Agree with the topic that a rapist will rape even the women in veil…but the obscene clothing would encourage even man to go worst…

    • ibbica says

      why do they need to rape?when can fuck each other

      No-one “needs” to rape. Ever. You seem to be under the impression that these people are all fucking each other because they have no pants on. That assumption is incorrect.

      does a man rape in brothel

      Yes, it is possible for a man to commit rape in a brothel. If you believe otherwise, you don’t yet understand what “consent” means.

      the obscene clothing would encourage even man to go worst

      And yet… not only was there apparently no rape on the pantless subway ride, there was apparently no sex on the pantless subway rides at all!
      If you find yourself devolving into a puddle of rapey goo when you see a fellow human being without pants on, do society a favour and become a hermit, thanks.

      • W/e says

        Pretty sure if they actually tried to test the theory of provocative clothes not being the cause of rape, they would have one friend dress as an Amish girl and another girl friend (or the same girl) dress provocatively, then go to the worst neighborhood that they could find at night, have each one walk through said neighborhood by themselves, and then see if someone attempts to rape them or not. If someone does attempt to rape them both, then it shows that, without a doubt, it doesn’t matter what you wear, rapists will rape you. But if only the one wearing provocative clothing is the one that someone(s) attempt to rape, then it shows that provocative clothing does cause rapists to rape.

        • erenfred says

          I take my hats off to u if u could find 2 willing volunteers for that,willing to risk their lives and chasity!!

      • erenfred says

        technically,if u work in a brothel,it constitutes consent.do u have so much respect for women who fucks with men for a living?if u do,then u’re more pathetic than i thought,and i’m embarassed that a man like u exist at all.

  5. alif says

    Some people mentally sick, selfish, they think things that not belong to them, using force they can make them their, they are the most dangerous criminals, worse than venomous snakes, they need to be hung up!

  6. scenario says

    There is no way that provocative clothing would provoke a good man to rape. It might make a rapist think a woman would be a better target since too many people won’t believe a woman who is not covered up from head to toe with clothing if the complain about rape. Especially if they aren’t beaten to a pulp.

    • ibbica says

      Many people won’t believe a woman who is covered up from head to toe with clothing if the[y] complain about rape, often even if they are beaten to a pulp. That’s a good part of the reason why so many rapes go unreported, unprosecuted, and ultimately unpunished.

      Rapists are to blame, not their victims. Time for everyone to acknowledge that, and start to act accordingly.

    • erenfred says

      In developed countries,do u even see women covered from head to toe anymore?Even in the office they dress in miniskirts and strap tops,while us poor men still have to ear long business pants and shirts or out goes our rice bowl.Is that fair?Why must we stand their provocation,while they need not even be made to see an inch of our leg skin?

  7. pulin golder says

    The good mens are not provocating by the provoke cloths but it is nobody can tell that natural needs are target the uncoverd part of the body though it is not even a rape but it also provoke any good men in any country.

    • Tsu Dho Nimh says

      pulin golder – Are Indian men so weak that they can’t control their “natural needs”?

      Are they like tomcats and dogs that have to hump anything that triggers an urge?

      Where are your brains?

      • erenfred says

        What a bunch of faggots.You lot speak for women like theyre the only thing that matters,u’re worse than selfish people,because with them i can understand where they are coming from.With u,well,where do all the standing up for women rights get u?You arent going to get any of the rights that the women would be given,and changing ur sex would just make everyone,women included,despise u.Do u think the women would respect u once u get them their rights?No,they wont,they’d just take u for granted,mainly because u are just a bunch of monkey see monkey do chumps,seeing women right movement is popular n hence jumping the wagon.Human only appreciates what they are given sparingly;give them too much n they’d take it for granted;women arent different.Hence,that clears the selfish part.What about the noble part?Well,ask urselves if u have ever fought for the rights of men,against misandry,against corporate suppression on men to wear longs,against stereotyping men in hotpants as “gay”?If uve done none of the sort,that clears the noble part,because u dont do what needs be done;u only indulge the overindulged.So,what the fuck are u,may i ask?Do YOU have YOUR brains stuck up ur asses?
        For me n men like me,we wont have our brains in our pants,because we are against men being made to wear pants in the first place.SHORTS FOREVER,IF WOMEN ARE GIVEN RIGHTS TO REVEAL EVEN AT WORK,WHY CAN’T WE BE GIVEN THE SAME??!

  8. anon1152 says

    “But there are countries where people blame women’s pants for rape.”

    The first (and thus far only) time I’ve heard of this ridiculous claim was back in ~2004. I was leading a tutorial at an American university. One day, one of my best students asked me if a male friend of hers could attend class. I said yes. (Why not? He was already there, and I like being as opened as possible). I forget what led to the pants comment, but the focus on the class was racism, sexism and ethics. Anyway, at one point he speaks and says that in his hometown, rates of rape went up once women started wearing Jeans. I didn’t quite know how to respond. I looked down and touched my own jeans (which I was wearing at the time) and then looked up and gave my best worried/incredulous face. (Almost) everyone laughed.

    I wonder what happened to that student? Was that her boyfriend? Did he become her husband? If so, I’m worried. I can’t recall ever seeing her in jeans…

    I’m still not sure how I should have responded. Does anyone have any ideas on how I should respond if this happens again?

    • says

      In the Indian subcontinent, conservative people do not want women to wear jeans. They think it is a men’s dress, masculine, provocative, unethical. They blame women’s tight jeans for rape. Watch how a woman was whipped for wearing pants in Sudan.

      • erenfred says

        That is extreme.All we ask for is modesty,and jeans at full length are modest.If only women in short tight dresses can see this and understand how lucky they are not to be subjected to such a harsh law,and feel at least some shame for unnecessary provocation at work,and learn to be modest n proper at work.

  9. Dr. Didar says

    I wonder, why they have to wear shorts during this winter time or even insummer? Is the world facing a crisis of cloth? The tribes at Amazon stay nude (no clothes or the tradition is to be nude)? Are we gradually following the Amazon tribe people?
    Of course, I believe, if someone (women) wear shorts or tops open it will attract eyes of a man but they may give sexual pleasure to someone, others will be inspired to rape her or someone will just ignore it or will take it easy and that is the variation of mentality. But we are not supposed to be surprised that there will be rapists.
    “Mere touch of a woman’s private part is considered as RAPE”. When sex is on payment it is not rape or sex is with mutual understanding and that is enjoyment.
    But showing thighs and boobs should not be considered that rapists will be active at the same time wearing shorts can be culture of some societies that does not mean they are more cultured!
    Dresses should be according to one’s choice and if somebody wants to be nude, that should be with his or her own responsibilities but keeping in mind the culture of the society, country and the religion of that society!
    Does a man or a woman of 80 years will look good with shorts! Or he or she will be respectable with a decent dress?
    Our world is not a world of ‘dress as you like’! Dresses should be according to the norms of the country and races. That has not nothing to do with the rapists. RAPISTS ARE RAPISTS – THE SEX PERVERTED BASTARDS!!!!!

  10. Mrityunjay says

    These picture never provoke for rape because all statisfied with sex. They all just cool and ready to consusesnal sex. We can not compare the culture.

    • ibbica says

      Interesting assumption. But you’ll be surprised to discover that there are plenty of folks in all those countries who aren’t entirely happy with their sex lives. However, even if your claim were true… so what? Your sexual frustration is not any excuse for rape. There are plenty of ways to satisfy those pesky urges, without raping anyone. Shocking, I know!
      Perhaps you’ve missed all the research demonstrating that rape is about violence and power, rather than sex?

  11. says

    Something is wrong with your list of participating cities. Not only is conservative Adelaide known as “The City of Churches”, it doesn’t have a subway. Unless of course you count the sandwich shop.

  12. Jennie says

    Wow-the whole idea of this is disgusting! I’m a New Yorker and thank god I missed this “event.” It’s bad enough we are usually packed in like sardines in the subway cars. I sure wouldn’t want to deal with someone in their underwear behind or in front of me while I am sitting on the benches! Gross! I also do not understand the logic of such an event. Sounds like it feeds into the patriarchy to me, just like the “slutwalk” does. Ok, so most men say that women dress like “sluts,” and deserve to be raped. We must want it because we dress provocatively, right? So, the answer is TO dress provocatively and march down the street?! Oh, and men were most of the organizers for this event. Makes no damn sense to me. On the same note, we should all walk around in our underwear to prove that men won’t rape us?!! Us women are giving men a free SHOW! Think about it..

    • ibbica says

      I sure wouldn’t want to deal with someone in their underwear behind or in front of me while I am sitting on the benches! Gross!

      And how is that any different than someone wearing thin shorts, or a short skirt, or a tank top, or a t-shirt with a saying that you don’t like, or…? Sheesh, I’m sorry to break it to you, but YOU don’t get to dictate what OTHERS wear in public. Feel free to cover as much of your own skin as you feel comfortable.

      …we should all walk around in our underwear to prove that men won’t rape us?!!

      That would certainly help remove the victim-blaming that rapists currently (and rather effectively) use as a defense against accusations of rape.
      The clothing you choose to wear never entitles anyone to treat you as less than human.
      The clothing you choose to wear never entitles anyone to rape you.
      The more people who get all that into their heads, the better. When people realize that clothing is not The Cause of rape, maybe they’ll start addressing the actual causes and policing the behaviour of rapists, instead of policing the behaviour of their (potential or actual) victims.

      Us women are giving men a free SHOW!

      So what?
      If you don’t want to participate, don’t. You have a choice, and should be free to make that choice without having to expect to be raped.
      Unsolicited protip: you should probably not go to any beach or swimming pool or spa or waterpark. I don’t think you’d like it very much at all.

      • W/e says

        If you truly believe that women have the right to dress anyway they want, then don’t forget I have the right to call the all the names I want. Got a problem with? Then I guess you are no fan of people telling the truth or exercising their rights. And if a man has some mental illness (which we basically call every behavioral abnormality these days) then you can’t blame him if he was provoked. Because after all, it’s a mental illness. And that means all rapists, murders, and molesters don’t get in trouble because they are mentally ill and unstable. (The reason I’m calling them mentally ill is because it seems like people now a days believe that biology dictates everything you think, say, and do. Example, Sandy Hook. People blame Adam’s biology, which in turn is the basis for his psychology, for the terrible things he did. That it’s understandable that he did it. Well if biology dictates everything, then rapists and other criminals are born with a predisposition to it and therefore are not responsible for their actions.) but seriously that is by far the stupidest event I’ve ever heard. And guess what, I have a right to go on the train without having yo expect that someone’s going to flash me a sneak peak at their junk. In fact, don’t we arrest people for public indecency?

        • W/e says

          Btw that was intended sarcasm. I don’t believe people are born into any predisposition as far as their actions and thoughts are concerned. However, I do believe that women should not be wearing provocative clothing, and if they do, they should remember that people will say things that they may not want to hear.

  13. thebookofdave says

    Conversely, conservative dress is no defense against harassment. It seems that the only common denominator in sexual attack is the privileged status of males, and a society that refuses to hold men accountable for its abuse.

    • erenfred says

      Why do u seek to assume men are the villians?Are u not sexist urself?Arent the actions of criminals totally individual and not unique to any indigenous group?

      Can u tell me,why are bosses authorised to fire men for dressing provocative at work,ie shorts and sleeveless tops,but allow women in tanks n miniskirts without any recriminations?Should the majority of bosses in major corporations of the world be demonised as villians too,based on ur reasoning taken on an equity level,ie applying it in the event of male victimisation?Is losing ur ricebowl and livelihood,not to mention reputation, over the way u dress any better than getting raped?

      Have u even stopped to think when males are victimised?Or has it never cross ur tiny mind?

  14. W/e says

    Your argument that thousands of women would have gotten raped yesterday makes so much sense. Please do proceed in explaining how rapists rape women in broad day light with several spectators surrounding them.

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  17. Yusra says

    this is ridiculous. i mean, who would rape on a day like this? and what are you guys trying to prove by this anyway?? rapes STILL take place, no? and by saying provocative clothing don’t cause rape, then the WHOLE blame is on MEN, right? i din’t think so, i mean, covered women could get raped too, but it’s a woman’s responsibility to cover herself as much as possible. and also, why show off your body to other people besides your life partner? I JUST DONT GET THE POINT OF Showing YOURSELF TO EVEYRONE!! ><

  18. bogdan a says

    I even consider that there is no such thing as provocative clothing. It is even a paradox. How about if I consider provocative clothes that others do not consider provocative, and viceversa? How would one decide what is provocative and what is not? This concept is utterly subjective, given any clothing, some consider it provocative, some not provocative, it’s their opinion and we can do nothing about it.

    • erenfred says

      Tell that to my boss,if i ever decide to wear shorts to the office.And if he/she fires me based on inappropriate wear,I’m making u pay my daily allowance and salary.No such thing as provocative,subjective u say?Then I should be allowed to wear any-oh-how I want to work,am i right?Even if its a pair of speedos and sports vest?

    • erenfred says

      The trick,my friend,is to consider what majoirty feels is prov.Or ask some figureheads of respect,like religious heads and corporate mentors.What i fear is they might give an answer detriment to the males,not the females,at lest for the corporate ones.If no one feels prov by anything,that mens humanity has lost all its emotions.Is that a good thing?Or rather,surely u can quantify exposure,and judge by sight what looks good or sloppy?If u cant,u might as well be asking everyone to fuck the dresscodes.

    • erenfred says

      Maybe we should all go back to living like animals,ie without clothes.It seems apparent that living like animals and behaving like one are two very different things,in human context.Irony,wouldnt u say?

  19. bogdan a says

    Even if we could decide what clothes should be considered provocative, it simply _cannot_ be the cause of rape by _any_ man. If by absurd one would rape because of that, then, considering men also wear provocative clothing, maybe even more than women (since they are in many cases even less dressed than women, right?), and about 5% of women are stronger or more powerful then men, in various ways, including sexually, it would follow that, not only women also rape, but more than 5% of rapes are by female predators, contradiction with most statistics. Therefore, provocative clothing, if it exists, has NO correlation with rape.

    • erenfred says

      Please show me a city in modern times where men are dressed more provocative than women as a norm,and where men are allowed up to as little as microshorts to work.I’d want to emigrate there!!
      The fact is there are way more provocative women than men around in modern days in developed countries.So how do u prove your theory/claim?

    • erenfred says

      If women are physically stronger than men,why are the physically demanding jobs not taken by women?Why is drafting usually restrictive to young men?And why are women in my company depending on men to do heaving moving of objects?What u say contradicts what is happening.

      It’s amusing u came to the conclusion u have without even proving anything.You cannot prove a situation with the opposite,unless u can convince all the men to dress provocative,ie in tight shorts to leisure,and convince companies to let men wear less,especially short shorts, at work.Go do that before concluding ur “no correlation” theory.You are convincing no one.

    • erenfred says

      No correlation,also means this whole exercise and activity is a waste,because it’s all about undress,which is really NOT related to the crime?Do i get ur logic right?And slutwalk is also totally irrelevant too?It’s funny when organisers organise something which they already claim to believe to be unrelated to what they are fighting for.It’s as if they dont even believe what they stand for,no?

  20. erenfred says

    I’m glad to see men going pantless in their briefs.At least it shows not all men are too cowardly to ditch their pants.This is crazy,didnt the policemen go arresting people,or security guards chase them out of the premises?I hope more men would dare to wear short shorts in public,not just the women;and that smart crisp shorts be allowable wear for men at work,in places where they dont stop women from wearing miniskirts and tanks.

    The problem with this,is feminists always say its absurd that rape arise from provocative dressing,and attribute it to personal feuds and power struggles.By why then do they make it a gender issue,like men vs women,where the men are labelled as villians while women as victims?If its a personal feud,then its a personal problem.Women who intends to could do just as horrible to the men,or worse..They could resort to castrating the man and probaably killing him by severe bleeding.But feminists dont care about men dying,so long as women are winning.

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