Late night talk shows are relishing Trump’s rally flop

Late night talk show comedians are having a field day with Trump’s rally flop and what is billed his dejected ‘walk of shame’ afterwards back to the White House, that some have even set to music.

Seth Meyers, who has made no secret of his contempt for Trump, was clearly enjoying having fun at Trump’s expense.

Stephen Colbert also got in his licks.

Even Fox News personalities are not buying White House spin on Tulsa. Steve Doocy is one of the three co-hosts on the Fox News morning program called Fox and Friends which fawns over Trump and allows him to appear on it whenever he wants and spread his lies without any attempt to inject any reality into the proceedings. But even he was clearly not buying White House spokesliar Kayleigh McEnany’s assertion that Trump was energized by the Tulsa rally fiasco with the tiny crowd. It is pretty funny to watch, although not intended to be so.


  1. blf says

    The Onion, White House Announces Entire U.S. Populace Of 6,200 Attended Trump’s Tulsa Rally:

    Seeking to counter the narrative put forward by the mainstream media, the Trump administration announced Monday that the entire US populace of 6,200 had attended the president’s recent rally in Tulsa. “Despite what the fake news at CNN and MSNBC would have you believe, President Trump was honored by the fact that every citizen of the United States, nearly 7,000 people, showed up to this historic event,” said Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, noting that unscrupulous news outlets had seized on the fact that the Bank of Oklahoma Center is a large stadium whose capacity was several times that of the US population in order to discredit the president. […] McEnany went on to clarify that any people seen walking around outside the arena during the rally were in fact illegal immigrants from Mexico.

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