Good one, Elizabeth!

Yesterday there was a town hall style forum with nine Democratic presidential candidates talking about LGBT issues, similar in format to the earlier town hall on climate change where each candidate came on serially for an allotted time. During it, Elizabeth Warren showed that she is becoming increasingly comfortable thinking on her feet and dealing with difficult questions.

Here she is responding to one such question.


  1. starskeptic says

    She excels at re-framing questions -- very powerful tool to combat right-wing battiness….

  2. John Morales says

    Well, I think it is indeed a “difficult” question for a prominent politician; a direct affirmative, a direct negative, or mere waffling will inevitably piss off some potential voters.

    So, yeah, I too think it was well-handled.

    (Whether well-prepared, or merely mentally-spry, it was clever)

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