Attempts to discredit AOC continue to flounder

There seems to be no end to the efforts of right-wing efforts to disparage congressperson Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in order to diminish her popularity. In a congressional hearing, she sharply questioned the CEO of Wells Fargo, a truly disgraceful company, about its practices. It showed how well prepared she is for these hearings.

In addition she asked who bears liability for oil spills from the pipeline, and whether the people who financed it share in it.

This prompted someone to make what she must have thought was a killer comparison to show how foolish Ocasio-Cortez was.

But the responses to this tweet showed that Murphy is clueless. Ocasio-Cortez has worked in bars and knows the law and she tweeted this in response.

It is true that in a bar, the bar is not paying for the customer’s drink. But the broader issue is whether those who enable the creation of a disaster in any way are liable for the consequences.


  1. ridana says

    “It was a risk we decided to take.” Of course you did, because you’re not held accountable when the pipeline fails after it’s built. The only risk you’re taking is them not paying off their loan.

    Did I understand him correctly to be basically saying that “We’ll be exiting our relationship with that company as soon as they’ve paid off their loan”? Because duh. Or does the term amortization only apply to loan fees and stuff and not principle?

    As for Murphy’s tweet, I was chuckling before I even got to the rebuttal since that’s been the case for decades now in most if not all states.

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