Seth Meyers on Republicans lies about health care

Donald Trump is a president who clearly hates the work that goes into the job. The mid-term elections coming up November 6th has enabled him to stop doing any work at all and spend all his time doing what he enjoys most, holding rallies in front of his adoring fans and doing what has become effectively stand-up comedy routines, that require him to lie through his teeth about anything that comes into his head and whipping up racism and hate and anger. He is holding an average of two rallies a day all over the country in support of endangered Republican candidates.

Seth Meyers provides a good run-down of what is happening.


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    What I still cannot fathom is why, every Trump supporter I know—and a few are members of my family—will say with perfect conviction that Meyers is the one lying.

    You can’t use reason to change someone’s opinion if they did not arrive at that position through reason.


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