Baby Winter Olympics

I mentioned before that the only Winter Olympic sport I would care to watch is curling but since I do not have cable TV, I could not see any because the network broadcasts only show it at weird hours. But I got lucky on my long flight last week because the airline had various TV channels and while surfing through, I managed to catch the US vs. Switzerland women’s curling contest. It was fascinating. The level of strategy involved and the precision with which the teams can aim the ‘rock’ towards the ‘house’ (I am slowly learning the jargon) is amazing.

Here are some future competitors getting an early start in their training. And when I say early, I mean really early.


  1. Steve Cameron says

    You can stream or replay most events on the NBC olympics website. If you go there right now the women’s gold medal curling match is live.

  2. Matt G says

    I can’t believe the Swedish men let the Americans get five points in a single round (or end or whatever they’re called).

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