A major mystery solved

Donald Trump’s weird hair has long been a source of curious speculation. Is it a wig? If not, what? That mystery has now been apparently solved. What he does is what those in the know refer to as a ‘wraparound combover’ to hide the balding that most men of his age have. There is no shame in this except for someone as vain as him. The truth was revealed when a gust of wind blew as he was climbing into his plane without wearing his cap.

He’s going to hate it that his cover is blown. (I could not resist that. Rarely do I get to make a double pun.)

While we are on trivialities, that reminds me of an idle musing that I have had and that is: Why don’t Trump’s opponents call him names?

We know that Trump loves to denigrate anyone who opposes him by appending an insulting nickname to them, such as Crooked Hillary (Clinton), Crying Chuck (Schumer), Little Marco (Rubio), Lying Ted (Cruz), Pocahontas for Elizabeth Warren, and so on. It struck me that it would be really easy for his opponents to do the same to him because there are so many accurate insults to choose from: Cowardly, Lying, Cheating, Clueless, Childish, Petulant, Silly, Stupid, Ignorant, Toddler, Nutty, are labels that immediately came to my mind and I am sure that others can be even more creative and create even cruder ones that take aim at his physical and sexual insecurities.

It seems like this would really get under the skin of such a narcissist. Of course it means sinking to his low level but political discourse in the US is so already so bad that maybe the only avenue left is to fight fire with fire so that people will think twice about using these methods.


  1. brucegee1962 says

    I like Tammy Duckworth’s name for him: “Cadet Bone Spurs.” Especially coming from a vet like her, that ought to hurt. Of course, that could only be if he possessed any sense of shame, which he doesn’t.

  2. Mano Singham says

    “Cadet Bone Spurs” seems a little esoteric, no?. She should simply say “Cowardly” since that is what she is implying.

  3. says

    I could almost respect the guy a tiny little bit for not wearing a wig. Except the whole thing is all vanity, anyway.

    Perversely, I am happy he does not shave it. Trump, bald, would look too much like a sick Aleister Crowley or Lex Luthor for my taste. I like that he’s a bit pathetic and silly.

  4. says

    No, “Cadet Bone Spurs” works on more than one level. Not only is it just a good insult, it also is a much smarter one than anything he could come up with.

  5. Sunday Afternoon says

    I keep thinking of the scene on The Empire Strikes Back where we see under Vader’s helmet for the first time…

    (Musical cue: The Imperial March…)

    Sublime or ridiculous, I can’t decide.

  6. Callinectes says

    That image reminds me of the exposed Judge Doom.

    “Remember me, Eddie? When I killed your brother, I talked JUST. LIKE. THIIIIIIIIS!”

  7. besomyka says

    I like Cadet Bone Spurs. Before that I called him Bizzaro Obama, a Physical Manifestation of an Aristocrats Joke, or Howard Hughes Aspirant.

    Some of my favorites I’ve seen other people use: Hair Furor, Agent Orange, Bullshit Spice, or Trumpelthinskin.

  8. Friendly says

    I take it that you don’t read many of the other atheist blogs, Mano? Trump has many, many derisive nicknames among the other posters and their commentariats.

    Among those I like, Ed Brayton often tags his Trump posts with a meme pic labeled “The Manchildean Candidate”.

    I’ve referred to him as “Chester Cheetolini” in several of my Facebook posts.

  9. Mano Singham says


    I was talking about why the people whom he calls names, other politicians and media figures, don’t respond in kind.

  10. Acolyte of Sagan says

    Or, referencing his reality tv show; The Appresident.

    I assume that opposition politicians refrain from petty name-calling for the same reason I refuse to argue with idiots; there’s no way to do so and keep your dignity intact, because you have to stoop to their level, and that’s where they beat you with experience.

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