What makes a person do something like this?

The Trump presidency has seen a rise in bigotry as white nationalists and neo-Nazis come out into the open to ‘take back their country’ from those whom they see as not authentic Americans, by which they mean white people and not the indigenous ones that the whites systematically sought to exterminate. Hence news reports such as this one back in February about Andrew King, a resident of Schenectady, NY, have become all too common.

He was clearing snow from the front of his driveway Friday afternoon when he saw two swastikas spray-painted on vinyl siding at his Chiswell Road house.

“Just a vein of fear went right through me,” said King, 54, a devout Jew who said he is almost always wearing his yarmulke when in and out of his home. “All that history attached to that Nazi symbol.”

But there is an unexpected twist to the story. It turns out that it was King himself who had painted those swastikas and he confessed to it in court yesterday.

Andrew King has admitted he spray-painted swastikas on his own home and lied about it to police.

King, who will turn 55 on Friday, pleaded guilty last week to falsely reporting an incident, a misdemeanor. He will receive three years of probation at his Oct. 24 sentencing by City Court Judge Robert Hoffman.

Why would an observant Jew paint swastikas on his own home? Unfortunately yesterday’s news report does not specify any motives. One might guess that he did it to draw attention to the bigotry that Donald Trump has unleashed. But the earlier news report about the vandalism contradicts that.

But if the Chiswell Road vandal or vandals were emboldened by Trump, King said such a link would not have rattled him. He’s a Trump fan.

“I’m a strong advocate of Mr. Trump’s politics,” King said. “I am a strong Conservative. I do not point the finger at Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump is basically an honorable man.”

King said if the vandals wanted to get political, they should have spray-painted the image of a donkey — the Democratic Party’s longtime symbol — on his house.

I have to admit I am at a total loss to understand King’s motives, other than that he wanted to be in the news and was willing to alarm other Jewish families in his community by doing so.


  1. says

    There has been a nasty tendency of white people to make false accusation against black men, taking advantage of the racist sterotype of black men as violent.. Remember Susan Smith? That is the worst type of this, blaming someone else for your crime, but there are also cases where any crime was completely made up.

  2. Mark Dowd says

    Same as the gay pastor that tried to frame Whole Foods with the bigoted cake message. Some people just don’t give a shit about integrity when they can be an attention whore.

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