‘Khulood’ freed

The model known as ‘Khulood’ who was arrested and questioned by Saudi Arabian police after a video emerged of her walking around wearing a short skirt and a crop top has now been released without charge, after she said that the video, that outraged religious conservatives, was posted without her knowledge.

The reason the authorities let her go may have been due to the fact that Khulood’s case gained international attention and raised questions about hypocrisy.

Despite the outrage over the video, Saudis have easy access to racy imagery through the internet and satellite channels.

When tabloid pictures showed wealthy Saudi businessman Hasan al Jameel kissing American pop icon Rihanna in a pool last month, many Saudi men whooped in praise.

“Why is no one asking for his trial?” Twitter user Noura Suliman asked on Wednesday.

“Everyone’s acting like a saint over just a skirt, while Hassan al-Jameel lay in Rihanna’s arms and no one said a thing. Everyone praises him for that while Saudi women are being insulted,” said another, Shajan al-Qahtani.

I doubt that the religious conservatives will be appeased since they do not want women to appear this way, video or no video. As I said earlier, I was curious about how one can be a female model in Saudi Arabia given the fact that have to wear those black robes that cover their entire bodies, including their heads, leaving just the eyes visible.


  1. jazzlet says

    There is fashion in burkhas believe it or not, and of course there is also fashion in what is worn under the burkha.

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