Another dramatic rescue at sea – this time it’s an elephant

Following my post earlier today about the 10 people rescued from drowning off the coast of Florida, I came across a news report of another dramatic rescue yesterday, this time of a wild elephant. Elephants are good swimmers but one of them seemed to have been caught in a tide and dragged 8 km out to sea off the northeast coast of Sri Lanka. It was spotted desperately trying to keep its trunk above water in order to breathe.

Luckily a Sri Lankan navy patrol boat spotted it and was able to get to it in time and a frogman climbed on top of the animal and tied a rope to it and the patrol boat was able to slowly bring the animal back to shore, where waiting wildlife experts were on hand to examine it. They gave the animal a clean bill of health. The whole operation took around 10 hours.

I wonder if the animal will give thanks to the navy or, following the lead of humans, give thanks to god, perhaps Ganesha?


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    … seemed to have been caught in a tide and dragged 8 km out to sea …

    Either that or it mistakenly followed the advice of Jamie MacMahan about what to do when caught in a rip tide as linked by Reginald Selkirk’s comment in the previous post here.

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