Great moments in adult jerk behavior

Jack Sock is a tennis player who was on the court for his first round Wimbledon match. When a young boy in the stands gestured for a souvenir, he threw him a towel. But an old man in front of the boy caught part of the towel and wrested it away from the boy. This was caught on camera and distributed on Twitter and has understandably caused widespread disgust because it was easily identified as a jerk move. Adults should really know better.

But as a result of the publicity following the video on Twitter, the boy will get his souvenir from Sock and more.


  1. Raucous Indignation says

    I’m old enough now that I am obligated by the “unwritten rules of baseball” to give any foul balls I catch to the closest, youngest child in my section as a souvenir. I may no longer keep them for myself.

  2. says

    Might it be considered a jerk move for the copyright holder to have the video yanked? Seriously, why couldn’t they let this one slide?

  3. Matt G says

    Leo, I see what you did there!

    Does this kind of behavior occur more often than in the past, or does it just seem that way because of websites like YouTube to share and amplify individual occurrences?

  4. secondtofirstworld says

    Tennis, the only sport where thank you means shut up, a rule that had to be introduced after McEnroe made it famous overseas. That being said, it’s not exclusive to tennis. International soccer matches spark almost bans, and in one case, it even started a war.

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