When good Pokemons go bad

I never quite understood the Pokemon craze, especially the Pokemon Go one that was a massive sensation recently and just as quickly disappeared from the news. But it appears that the craze is going strong and there is even a Pokemon World Festival that was help this year in South Korea. Really.

But during a dance routine by a set of inflatable Pikachus (one of the Pokemon stable), one of them started to deflate slightly and was quickly muscled off the stage by a half a dozen men in suits, in a manner reminiscent of the way that the Secret service in the US hustles the president out of any danger. The plucky ejected Pikachu tries to make a comeback at around the 4:30 mark but suffers yet another wardrobe malfunction and gets ejected again.


  1. Mano Singham says

    I wondered about that. they Must be having some breathing tube though I imagine it must be really uncomfortable.

  2. Dave, ex-Kwisatz Haderach says

    I haven’t been in many inflatable costumes, but there have been a few. They all had a little battery-powered intake fan hidden on them. The suits are sealed as best as possible, but they are far from air-tight. The fan just draws air in faster than they leak. That wardrobe malfunction looks a lot like what happens when the fan stops.

  3. says

    Dave @#3 has it. In fact there are a number of sellers on ebay offering pokemon inflateable suits, including some modelled with thors’ hammers and capt america shields. My brain’s WTF centers are still reeling.

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