Trump drowning in allegations

It is clear that the floodgates have opened with story after story coming out about Donald Trump kissing, groping, and assaulting women. The latest outpouring seems to have been triggered by the debate on Sunday where Trump was pressed by moderator Anderson Cooper on whether the things he said on the infamous tape were just words or whether he had actually done them. After evading the question twice, on the third attempt, he denied the actions.

That denial seems to have prompted angered women to come forward and say that he had indeed done those things. I tried keeping track of all the charges but it was too much. The latest accusation today is pretty gross. Even Matt Taibbi, in his account of the fiasco that was Paul Ryan’s event in Wisconsin, can’t cope.

Keeping up with Trump revelations is exhausting. By late October, he’ll be caught whacking it outside a nunnery. There are not many places left for this thing to go that don’t involve kids or cannibalism. We wait, miserably, for the dong shot.

We are now in Bill Cosby territory where the allegations by the women are so many and so vivid that even if it turns out that one or two women’s recollections were faulty or even false, it will not matter. Here is a timeline of the allegations but it is two days old and already out of date.

The piling on continues with five biographers of Trump saying that based on their knowledge of him, they were not surprised by the charges and that the rest of America is only now getting to know the person that they have known over the past four decades. They expect him to get even more racist and extreme as the campaign heads into the final stretch.

O’Brien: I think he is just going to wage a scorch‑the‑earth campaign for the next three weeks. And if he loses, which I think he’s going to—I think he’s going to lose badly—he’s then going to come up with a scenario in which it was stolen from him, that the election was rigged, because he’s survived by creating alternate realities. And he’ll never say to himself he lost because he had a skeletal campaign operation, which he did; that he lost because he’s unappealing to a large swath of the voters; that he lost because he’s willfully ignorant about public policy; that he lost because he’s a nasty and unappealing bigot. He’ll never, ever acknowledge any of that. He’ll just come up with an alternate reality that said, “It was rigged against me.”

D’Antonio: Well, I think that what Tim is saying is consistent with the guy who would decide to have this campaign in the first place. You know, who would proceed knowing that he has all of these problems in his background, knowing how much audio and video exists, having been on “Howard Stern” and said horrible things? He just doesn’t seem to recognize his own issues and problems and how he’s perceived. So maybe for the next three weeks, he’s going to be trying out, you know, Breitbart TV and proving to the masses that follow him that he’s as red in tooth and claw as he seems to be. And, as Tim said, he’s already laid the groundwork to declare it was rigged in the first place.

A former executive in his organization who worked for him for 18 years as executive vice president and senior vice president of his company, says that her “longtime boss is dangerously unsuited in every meaningful way to serve as president of the United States” and that “He flies off the handle, he attacks viciously — it’s like shooting someone and having a nuclear bomb come back at you. He’s vindictive, and he’s dishonest.”

This is the image of Trump’s America that is emerging.



  1. mikeym says

    There are not many places left for this thing to go that don’t involve kids or cannibalism.

    With news of Mr. Trump’s behavior in the Miss Teen USA dressing rooms, that leaves only cannibalism.

  2. blf says

    There are not many places left for this thing to go that don’t involve kids or cannibalism.

    Looks like cannibalism is still missing, Trump lawyers given court date over lawsuit alleging rape of 13-year-old:

    A federal judge in New York has ordered counsel for Donald Trump and the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein to appear in court along with the attorney for a woman referred to only as “Jane Doe” who alleges the Republican presidential nominee raped her when she was 13.

    Judge Ronnie Abrams has slated an initial status conference in the civil lawsuit for 16 December in a New York district court.

    However, there are suggestions this claimed rape of a child is dubious:

    A Guardian investigation this summer found that the lawsuit appeared to have been coordinated by a former producer on the Jerry Springer TV show who has been associated in the past with a range of disputed claims involving celebrities including OJ Simpson and Kurt Cobain. A publicist acting for “Jane Doe” also attempted to sell a video in which the woman describes her allegations against Trump to media outlets at a $1m price tag.


    The Guardian investigation found that a publicist calling himself “Al Taylor” attempted to sell the videotape of “Jane Doe” relating her allegations for $1m. It linked Taylor through a variety of means including shared email addresses and phone numbers to Norm Lubow, who used to work on Springer’s daytime talk show.

    [… several previous stunts Lubow has been invoked with …]

    When the Guardian quizzed “Al Taylor” about his true identity, the publicist replied: “Just be warned, we’ll sue you if we don’t like what you write. We’ll sue your ass, own your ass and own your newspaper’s ass as well, punk.”

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