Jon Stewart interviews George Carlin

I know that there are a lot of George Carlin fans out there and I think they will enjoy this clip of him being interviewed by Jon Stewart in 1997 that has him look back on his 40 years in comedy. (Via Andrea James)


  1. John Morales says

    Typo in the link breaks it: src=""

    Good interview.

  2. DonDueed says

    Carlin’s final words to Stewart were really prophetic!

    In a way, Jon stepped into George’s shoes.

  3. says

    I disagree. Stewart went a different direction entirely from Carlin. Carlin was more of a surrealist at a personal level, whereas Stewart focused particularly on US society and its various hypocrisies. Carlin would talk (for example) about how he worships the sun, but prays to Joe Pesci -- it was “out there” which is why it was so funny. Stewart would point out that such-and-such was “out there” in a very funny way. I would say that, comedically, they were very different.

    I agree that Carlin’s closing comment was prophetic. We have heard a lot of great stuff from Stewart.

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