Great clip of Jon Stewart from 2014

Jon Stewart was a master at political satire and when he retired last year it was by no means because he was losing his touch. Here is a clip from 2014, just a year before he stepped down, that shows the range of comedic skills that he could bring to what he did best, and that was deliver an epic rant excoriating the hypocrisy of politicians and their media enablers.


  1. Rob Grigjanis says

    Mano, some of us (like, in Canada, eh?) can’t play the video. Some context is required so that we can locate the clip elsewhere.

  2. Mano Singham says


    Usually I give the exact date to help track it down but in this case, I got it from another site that did not give the date and their detailed archives are now gone.

  3. Bruce says

    The video is 8:30 long.
    It is from the segments called “Mess o’potamia”. The subtitle has the word “f***ing” in it, possibly with those three asterisks.
    Jon Stewart profiles several Republicans who were wrong about Iraq, concluding with John McCain singing about bombing Iran in 2007.
    I find this clip very appropriate, because McCain is running for reelection this year to the Senate, from Arizona.
    To me, here, he’s still Senator McNuts!

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