Elizabeth Warren slaps down Ted Cruz for whining

There is nothing more annoying than well-off people whining about their petty hardships when, unlike the vast majority of people, they have the option of walking away from the source of their problems. Senator Elizabeth Warren was incensed at senator Ted Cruz when he complained about the four “steep sacrifices” he has made and how much he had to endure by running for president: “sleep, personal time, time with his family and that he faced a “constant barrage” of attacks”.

In a barrage of Tweets and on her Facebook page, Warren let him have it, point by point.

Are you kidding me? We’re supposed to pity him because trying to be the leader of the free world is hard?! I’ve got two words for you, Ted: Boo hoo.

Know whose health is limited? Workers with no paid leave who can’t stay at home when they fall ill or have to care for sick kids. Know whose sleep is limited? Working parents who do everything they can to save money but stay up at night worrying about how do get their kids through college without getting crushed by debt. Know who gets no personal time? People who work two minimum wage jobs to support their families. Know who gets no family time? Moms with unfair schedules who drop their kids off at daycare and drive halfway across town only to find their work hours have been cancelled.

And Ted Cruz? He opposes mandatory paid family and medical leave and calls it “free stuff.” He voted against student loan refinancing. He’s says the minimum wage is “bad policy” and he’s done nothing to try and help workers struggling with unfair work schedules.

Nobody held a gun to the head of any politician and asked them to run for office. Sure it is grueling. But so is running a marathon. But you don’t hear marathoners whining about all the sacrifices they make because they know that people will tell them to put a sock on it and stop doing it if they find it so distasteful.


  1. Jockaira says

    Dear Ted,

    If you think that participation in the American political process is such an imposition then you are hereby invited to drag your creepy ass out the nearest door. If you don’t look back, we won’t either.

    PS: Ms Warren hit everything about you on the head, but she missed the point of your needle noggin.

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