1. says

    Clinton has the quintessential marketing problem. The harder she tries to look appealing the more obvious it is that she’s just trying to look appealing.

  2. lorn says

    IMO Clinton is caught in the trap created by rumormongers, back room whisperers. If you talk long enough, frequently enough, and in emotionally compelling enough way. The accusations will stick in the form of an inchoate, but also indelible, stain. Youths, with their confidence in simple, viscerally satisfying answers, most of which they have confidence in because they don’t understand the complicated nature of life yet, are particularly prone to.

    Forty years of false accusations were bound to take a toll on her credibility. A fair estimation of the dynamic:

    Yes, she voted for W’s power to go to war. But she did it with the intent that it was a diplomatic move intended to enforce sobriety upon both sides. She had forgotten W’s little drinking issue and his dry-drunk personality and consequent lack of control.

    Hillary Clinton has been accused of every crime and malfeasance since Jesus has nailed to a cross. If Obama would but loan her his time machine they could accuse her of participating in that also. She isn’t, and never claimed to be perfect. She is deeply human and flawed. But through it all she has learned, and grown and, her main strength and talent … endured.

    It is a fair summary of my position. Right down to quadrennial claim that if we just go left far enough there will be a wave. A wave that never materializes and inevitably leads to disappointment. A wave that is a electoral impossibility with only 1/3 of each house being up at one time. :

  3. Nick Gotts says

    The videos don’t appear at all for me. Anyone else have that problem? I have not had it before, although often they won’t play because I’m in the UK. (I know there are ways round that, but they seem to interfere with other functions.)

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