They never learn

Remember how in October, the state of Oklahoma was forced by the courts to remove its Ten Commandments monument from the state capital grounds? Before it did so, Satanists had threatened to place a statue of Baphomet and a Hindu group had also proposed plans to place a statue of their god Hanuman.

Meanwhile the state of Arkansas had put a Ten Commandments monument on their state capital grounds too and the entire story is playing out once more since the Satanists and Hindu groups are again asking for their monuments to be included. But in addition, a new group called The Humanity Fund has entered the scene that wants to install a Festivus pole as well. And not just any old Festivus pole but a gay Festivus pole consisting of the traditional aluminum pole but with large disco pole covered in colors of the rainbow at the top.

In 2013, this group had successfully placed their pole in the Florida statehouse. In this video Chaz Stevens, the executive director of the Humanity Fund, explains what they are doing and their plans to place Festivus poles all over the country.

For you heathen out there who don’t know what Festivus is, this should explain it.


  1. says

    The local county courthouse here in Clearfield has a 10 commandments plaque (the Cecil B. DeMille version) and some cheesy military fascist thing about how the soldiers who went to Afghanistan died for god and country. It’s a county courthouse, though, and when I asked the FRFF folks they said it probably isn’t worth fighting. The christians do like to pee to mark their territory, don’t they?

  2. Tadas says

    Too bad the new group isn’t called “The Human Fund”. Would have been too perfect, I suppose.

  3. Dunc says

    Oh, they learn just fine… The know perfectly well how this will end: with an opportunity for them to whine about how oppressed they are, and to hit up their supporters / marks (delete as appropriate) for more cash.

  4. says

    Learning requires the ability to think and acknowledge one’s own ignorance. Theo-fascists are like pre-school children, they think they can ask a thousand times and get a different answer, or that lying will somehow make them more convincing.

  5. StevoR says

    ..a Hindu group had also proposed plans to place a statue of their god Hanuman ..

    Hanuman was actually kinda Monkey from the old Monkey Magic TV series :

    yeah? Well, one imagining of Hanuman anyhow?

    As for ‘Festivus’, meh, give me Sol Invictus or Saturnalia everyday! (The solstice is the reason for the season.)

  6. Numenaster says

    Monkey is a Chinese folktale character. But since he appears in a story that’s (nominally) about a monk traveling to India to bring back copies of the sutras, he might conceivably have MET Hanuman.

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