1. atheistblog says

    I understand how much you love SL and its players, but that shouldn’t be the reason for you to take a connotation of “got screwed” and interpret in a way that I don’t understand “got screwed” and misused “got screwed”.

    you replied:

    atheistblog @#7, I am not sure why you say that SL got ‘screwed’. They got trounced but not screwed because that latter word implies that they somehow lost unfairly. SA won fair and square by playing well.

    Here are some of the connotations for “got screwed”
    a more subtle substitute for the word “fucked”
    1. describes someone who just had sex
    2. the position that is a result of a problem or bad situation that seems impossible to solve/get out of
    1. “Dude, I think Sean screwed her last night.”
    2. “We have our exam TODAY?! Dammit, I’m so SCREWED!”

    get screwed
    1. Sl. to have sexual intercourse. (Considered a crude usage.) A lot of the college kids on spring break in Florida do nothing but get drunk and get screwed.
    2. Sl. to get cheated. I really got screwed on that last deal.

    Getting screwed
    Recieving the worst outcome possible in a certain situation.

    So, now, let me say it again as I said before, after SAvSL,

    “Now I can say SL got screwed”

    You must be better than this, Mr Mano Singham, or if you seriously believe that ” got screwed ” has only one meaning that you implied, then you are not only out of touch with cricket, but out of touch with Millennial generation as well, curmudgeon grumpy Grandpa, accept it, SL got screwed.

    South Africa v Sri Lanka
    South Africa won by 9 wickets (with 192 balls remaining)
    SL (all out; 37.2 overs; 166 mins) for 133 runs.
    SA (1 wicket; 18 overs; 89 mins) 134 runs.

  2. Holms says

    Argument by dictionary definition, oh my. Bonus inanity points for urban dictionary. Anyway, do you know what ‘connotations’ are? Getting screwed has connotations of not just losing, but losing through through some unfair manner.

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