US gets delay of release of force-feeding videos

The US government continues to try to prevent the public from seeing videos of the way that it is force-feeding prisoners at Guantanamo. They have appealed to the US district judge who had ordered that they would be shown at a trial of one of the people subjected to it to suspend her order for 30 days and she has granted that request.

It is likely that the Most Transparent Administration in History will appeal to a higher court that the order to release the tapes be overturned. Of course, they will say that releasing the tapes will harm the war on terror, the standard excuse for brutality and secrecy.


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    they will say that releasing the tapes will harm the war on terror

    Well, that’s true. It will.

    Just like the Abu Ghraib photos were a recruitment tool for anti-american insurgents. Because, in fact, they would explain and justify hatred and violence directed at the US empire and its military.

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    Can I note an odd parallel to cases like this: Somebody (powerful and respected) does something really bad (against someone who is considered unimportant) and then the person reporting it is blamed for the negative consequences.

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