Great moments in parenting

The coach of a youth football team canceled the rest of the season because of the “ongoing poor sportsmanship and bad attitudes” of the players. A 46-year old parent of one of the players was so outraged by this that he ran across the field and tackled the coach and the fight continued until other spectators separated them.

I wonder from where these youths get their bad attitudes and poor sportsmanship?


  1. says

    When I saw your headline about a school in New Jersey, I was expecting it to be Sayreville War Memorial High School. They cancelled their football season because of rampant bullying in the school. The football players were out of control, and the team’s assistant coach was recently arrested for distributing steroids.

    Nope. The school you highlighted was Toms River High School North, in a completely different town.

    On a related note, high school football player Tom Cutinella, of Shoreham-Wading River High School (New York state) died after a head injury suffered during a game. He is the third high football player in the US to die this week.

    How many more bodies do there have to be on the pile before people and parents say “enough”?

  2. lanir says

    That doesn’t necessarily sound like the coach has the best attitude either. Usually in that situation you just say you’re going to walk away personally rather than try to blow up the works on your way out. And the parent… It wouldn’t surprise me if he became a sort of minor hero in that circle (kids and parents) for making a fuss. Have to keep the “best” rolemodels on prominent display.

  3. Katydid says

    Youth sports have many out-of-control parents. My idiot next-door-neighbor got into a fist-fight at his 5-year-old’s soccer game. One of my co-workers drove her football player to a nearby state (a 90-minute drive) five times a week so he could play on a particular ‘elite’ team. Another co-worker sent her kid to a $30k/year private school so she could play tennis and get a scholarship. I didn’t win any points when I observed that the $120k price tag for 4 years of private school would have paid for 8 years at the state university with no scholarship needed.

  4. Matt G says

    Now, was the coach in possession of the ball when he was tackled? It may have been a fair play.

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