Phil Everly, 1939-2014

Phil Everly died yesterday in Los Angeles. He and his older brother Don comprised the Everly Brothers and had a string of hits songs in the late fifties and sixties with their distinctive voices, pleasing harmonies, and simple songs of love.

Here are live performances of two particular favorites of mine. People of my generation will recognize the songs from the first couple of bars, the first because of its drum rhythm and the second because of the guitar riff. Phil is the one on the left. Don used to sing most of the solo bits.

Cathy’s Clown

Walk Right Back

The cause of Phil Everly’s death was due to lung illness caused by a lifetime of cigarette smoking. It always surprises me when singers, who need to preserve their voices, smoke excessively. I am sure that they know it is bad for their voice and their health but either don’t care or the addiction is too strong or are gamblers who are willing to risk the odds.


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