Some topical cartoons

I came across these cartoons that seemed relevant to the recent post on the class warfare currently being waged by the one-percenters against everyone else.



Wiley banker sacrifice


  1. Jockaira says

    #2 seems ghoulishly appropriate. Yesterday Senator Rand Paul announced that extending unemployment benefits another 26 weeks just before Christmas “would not be doing any favors for the unemployed.” I guess he thinks that the jobless will make out really big. With no money for Christmas, it’s a sure thing their friends and relatives will be sending big expensive presents their way…maybe even a few big checks to help tide them over the Holidays. And if the jobless were really smart, they’d get off their lazy asses and get one of those high-payin’ part-time minimum-wage temporary Holiday Season Jobs.

    Too bad the 1%ers don’t have a few friends among the unemployed, but anyway then the friends wouldn’t be able to get past the Main Security Gate to collect their Christmas Pity Checks.

    I hear that Tim Cratchit is doing time for stealing that loaf of bread to feed his family last Thanksgiving. He got fired because he didn’t bow and scrape low enough to the overseer. These shiftless no-goods’ll never learn, will they? Ah well, he’ll learn the lesson at the penitentiary that a job is everything. You can’t get rich without a job. Kissin’ butts pays dividends.

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