Michele Bachmann and Minnesota’s same sex marriage

Minnesota is now the 12th state, following Delaware and Rhode Island, to legalize same-sex marriage, with its senate voting 37-30 in favor of it. The lower house had already passed it 75-59 and the governor signed it yesterday. It will take effect on August 1.

The city of Minneapolis lit up one of its bridges last night to celebrate passage of the legislation.


But I am sure that your first reaction was to ask: What does Michele Bachmann, Minnesota’s most famous crazy person, have to say about this? She cares deeply about this issue, so much so that in 2005 she introduced a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage when she was a member of the state legislature. The measure failed. But she persevered and during the 2012 election campaign, Bachmann was vocally opposing this issue and as recently as April of this year she made a speech to a conservative group filled with dire warnings of the need to combat Satan’s growing influence and abortion, gay rights, and ‘Islamist jihad’.

She later issued a brief statement saying “I am disappointed at the passage of the gay marriage bill in the Minnesota State Senate today, which redefines marriage and denies religious liberty to people who believe in traditional marriage and who do not want to be forced to violate their conscience and sincerely held religious beliefs.”

This is typical of the warped thinking of people like her. Whose religious liberty is being denied by this action, and how? Whose conscience in being violated, and in what way?

I also came across this article from the satirical magazine The Daily Currant which quotes Bachmann comparing the twin cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul to that other famous pair of Sodom and Gomorrah.

In an interview with a local television station, the conservative firebrand said she believes God will destroy Minneapolis once the legislation is enacted, and wants to be far away when the reckoning happens.

Although none of the other states has suffered from Biblical-like destruction, Minnesota’s most outspoken voice in Congress told anchor Bruce Nolan that it’s only a matter of time.

“I don’t know what it will be, Bruce,” she said. “It could be an earthquake. It could be a volcano. It could be some sort of flesh eating virus. All I know is that God does not let homosexuality go unpunished, and Minneapolis is next in line for his wrath.

“It breaks my heart to think that the Democrats are willing to play politics with the lives of so many Minnesotans. And I hate to leave so many of my constituents behind, but I urge them – please, please – follow my example and get your loved ones to safety before it’s too late.”

This is a parody but the author of this piece has precisely captured the way in which Bachmann says crazy things in an earnest and serious way. I can almost hear her voice saying those words, as she gazes directly into the camera. I was not surprised that the article fooled many people into thinking it was real. With people like Bachmann, it is hard to tell the real from the parody.


  1. Corvus illustris says

    All I know is that God does not let homosexuality go unpunished, and Minneapolis is next in line for his wrath.

    Shouldn’t fire and brimstone rain down on St Paul, the actual home of the Minnesota legislature, with the destruction of Minneapolis counting only as collateral damage?

  2. dano says

    The past 6 days have been very disappointing for MN Christians. As my church said on Sunday Tolerence does NOT equal agreement.

  3. says


    The past 6 days have been very disappointing for MN Christians.

    But it has been very uplifting for those who support equality.

    And since the MN Christians have lost nothing, but those who have been waiting years to marry their same-sex partners are finally able to do so, it seems like a win-win to me.

  4. Worldtraveller says

    I think the people of MN are safe. As a matter of fact, they should taunt god more. Given the usual aim, he’ll hopefully take out another right wing southern state. (Unfortunately, it’s always the poor people most affected by god’s poor aim, but that seems to be a feature, not a bug, to the people who would really pray for that sort of thing.)

  5. Synfandel says

    We legally enabled same sex marriage in Canada nine years ago and God, in his righteous anger, prevented the Maple Leafs from making the playoffs for the next eight years. His wrath is terrible to behold.

  6. sunny says

    Looked he intervened once again on Monday night. For He is a vengeful and shall I say meddlesome god.

  7. Mano Singham says

    I agree that tolerance does not equate to agreement. But I am not sure how that is relevant here. People who disagree with this new law can continue to do so and openly say so too. And the law specifically allows religious organizations to deny requests to officiate at same-sex weddings.

  8. Mano Singham says

    That’ll teach you. Of course, Ohio has a constitutional ban on same sex marriage and yet not a single Cleveland sports team has won a national championship for about the last half-century. God is not showing us any love in return for our faithfulness.

  9. says

    Nobody’s asking you to agree, just to finally (for once, try it you might like it) mind your own damn business. Marriage is a civil contract to which all citizens are legally entitled under due process and equality under the law. It is not a religious compact (and before you argue, answer this question – who grants a divorce, a pastor or a judge?) and one need not be religious to preside over a marriage, hence ships’ captains and justices of the peace. Oh, and atheists like me, I’m legally sanctioned to preside over marriages and have happily done so.

  10. says

    Whose religious liberty is being denied by this action

    It denies homophobic christians’ liberty to be homophobic. And, clearly, some of them are upset.

    Apparently god is not on their side.

  11. justsomeguy says

    Considering the tendency of celebratory sports fans to riot after their team’s big victory, maybe the lack of a national championship *is* a blessing.

  12. Matt G says

    Poe’s Law, in the flesh. She truly is a nut case. Has she made any comments on Sanford’s return to the House? Family values and all that?

  13. screechymonkey says

    It denies homophobic christians’ liberty to be homophobic.

    Actually, it doesn’t even do that. It just denies them the ability to impose their homophobia on everyone else.

  14. gshelley says

    But it doesn’t really, they still have the first amendment guaranteeing them the right to be homophobic and bigoted.
    I am trying to work out what she meant, which is a struggle, as there wasn’t necessarily any coherent thought process involved, but she could mean that companies that offer benefits to spouses will now be forced to offer them to same sex spouses, even if they don’t want to, or companies who offer other sorts of services (such as flower delivery) may have less chance of using their bigotry to refuse same sex couples

  15. kemist, Dark Lord of the Sith says

    It could be an earthquake. It could be a volcano. It could be some sort of flesh eating virus. All I know is that God does not let homosexuality go unpunished, and Minneapolis is next in line for his wrath.


    I don’t know how anyone with an education beyond elementary school can refrain from irresistible laughter when a supposedly responsible adult spew such ridiculous nonsense seriously. I certainly couldn’t keep myself from it.

  16. Ulysses says

    It’s an urban myth that ship’s captains can perform marriages. From The Straight Dope:

    Let me quote from the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 32, Subtitle A, Chapter VI, Subchapter A, Part 700, Subpart G, Rule 716, also known as 32 CFR 700.716):

    “The commanding officer shall not perform a marriage ceremony on board his ship or aircraft. He shall not permit a marriage ceremony to be performed on board when the ship or aircraft is outside the territory of the United States, except: (a) In accordance with local laws … and (b) In the presence of a diplomatic or consular official of the United States.”

    Similarly, the official logbook supplied to ships’ captains by the British Mercantile Marine Office warns that shipboard marriages performed by the captain are not legal.

  17. says


    Well, that was from a satire site, rather than Bachmann’s normal rantings. The fact you’d believe it was from her merely supports Poe’s law: there’s nothing a satire site can say that wouldn’t sound like something that came straight from a radical Christian’s mouth.

  18. dano says

    I will always refer to gays as having a civil union & not a marriage regardless of what you lefty atheists have to say. I rather enjoy the banter when I have time. Bachmann and Palin are true conservatives and I hope they continue their run on taking it to the other side. As my church Eagle Brook said on Sunday Tolerance does not equal agreement. The next think coming I am sure is to bring talk of homosexuality to schools as if it is a promoted sexual option. Oh boy. When your time comes you will stand before God and only he shall decide your fate, better bring fire retardant jacket.

  19. twosheds1 says

    You’d think that God would have destroyed San Francisco, Provincetown, MA and Lakewood, OH ages ago.

  20. mnb0 says

    “and wants to be far away”
    Maybe not so bad idea after all. If all the intolerant bigots move southward and all the other Americans (including the religious non-bigots) move to the north the secession can take place after all and we’ll see which part gets destroyed.
    Just a silly thought of a non-American who never ceases to amaze how stupid the logic of people like MB is and how much attention they stir up.

  21. The Rose says

    “I will always refer to gays as having a civil union & not a marriage…”

    …reminds me of something some idiot where I work always says when the subject comes up: “…they should just call it what it is…”


    …uhm…that’s not what the argument is over…

  22. Corvus illustris says

    (Cue the Voice from On High:) Hockey team? Playoffs? How much more of My Wrath than Stephen Harper represents do you need before you repent of your evil ways?

  23. Goblinman says

    I guess you’re for real? That kind of “true conservative” pratter always sounds like a joke to me anyway. I mean, do you actually realize how ridiculous you sound when you complain about the government taking away your rights to take away other people’s rights? C’mon, seriously.

    And bring on the damn fire. I’ll make s’mores.

  24. dano says

    In case anyone wants to learn anything this evening – Jenny Beth Martin, Co-Founder and National Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots will be on The O’Reilly Factor during the 8pm EDT hour tonight on The Fox News Channel. Tonight she will be discussing the IRS targeting of tea party and other conservative groups. Tune in and be sure to follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

  25. Goblinman says

    And now you’re using “learn” and “Fox News Channel” in the same sentence. And changing the topic.

    (I should note, in fairness, that I’m not defending the Obama administration. He’s on his own for this one.)

  26. Thorne says

    Tornadoes in Texas! The people in MN should be ashamed of themselves! {/sarcasm}

    I’m sure it’s been said many times and in many places, but isn’t it interesting how the most virulently religious states in the US are also the most screwed by nature? One might be tempted to think that, just maybe, their worshiping the wrong god!

  27. Mano Singham says


    You have a perfect right to refer to same-sex marriage any way you wish. But what you call it is of no consequence. What matters is what the state calls it.

  28. dano says

    Wincie, that I do not know but you are correct that Bob would be proud. Long live the righteous right. Still wondering when I can legally marry a 2nd wife or my 69′ Runner.

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