People who should avoid going on TV

There are a lot of people out in the world saying stupid and hateful things. I don’t waste much time on them since they are too easy a target. But what surprises me is when major media sources interview ordinary people who really should not be on TV because they are not going to do or say anything useful but will simply embarrass themselves.

Take this interview by CNN’s Anderson Cooper with a parishioner of a pastor who said he had the cure for homosexuality: segregate them by sex and put them behind an electric fence so they could not reproduce and wait until they all die out. Problem solved!

I cannot see any point in having her on. The only good thing was that I noticed that Cooper seems to be well aware of all the crazy things in the Bible and tries to use them against her but she is too dense to see the point. I hope more reporters are learning about the Bible’s atrocities.


  1. Stacy says

    I cannot see any point in having her on.

    Oh, I couldn’t disagree with you more.

    I think we should see more of this sort of thing.

    American discourse has been skewed by politicians pandering to people exactly like her. That dialogue–which Cooper kept beautifully civil–beautifully revealed the ignorance, the intellectual and moral bankruptcy, of the Christian Right.

    P.S. Loved seeing a big-name American reporter-pundit challenging a religious person’s homophobia by comparing Old Testament laws against gays with other draconian OT prohibitions and punishments.

  2. ollie says

    Yes, there are more people like this woman out there than those of us who live in bubbles realize.

  3. Stephen says

    Yes he said that, the problem is with people who heard him say it. They don’t get the main point, which is taken out of context. We’re not hateful, try to get this through your head: it was a [thinks: complicated ironic allegory? unfortunate double entendre? Freudian slip?], forget it: the way to fix the gays is to keep them from having heterosexual sex. what?…I already said that a tomato is a fruit, you’re twisting it, like I keep saying over and over, some people don’t have maps, such as kill everyone. Stop talking about what I say; the Word of God can mean anything to anyone. Your house plants will die if you don’t water them, okay? 42.

    [/rolls eyes and sighs heavily at idiots who just don’t get it]

  4. Emptyell says


    I agree. Such mind numbing stupidity on full display is sure to offend more than it will attract. I can’t imagine anyone who isn’t already just as vile and clueless (and immune to argument) finding her position persuasive. And for me it’s helpful to be reminded that state of mind(?) is even possible in a functioning human.

  5. Lokleo says

    How incredible is it that a mainstream news channel reporter actually pointed out someone’s religious hypocrisy, actually naming bible passages, and didn’t let her off the hook? Wow!

    It would be helpful to know how hard they looked for a better interviewee. Did they pick her specifically because she was incapable of having a conversation? (sort of like FoxNews picking the weirdest looking Occupy protestor over the clean cut college student, veteran, or middle class mom) Or did they pick her because she was the only person they could find to defend the pastor on camera?

    Support for gay rights is growing so quickly. The anti-gay side is increasingly being shown as unable to support their position with anything other than cherry-picked bible quotes. I suspect the gay rights movement is doing more to drive people away from religion than any other issue (even more than the Catholic church pedophile cover ups, and the war on women and contraception.)

  6. Paul Hunter says

    I went on TV and talked complete Gibberish about being stupid and bigoted and anyway I don’t really mean it!

  7. Trebuchet says

    The fundies will of course say this can be disregarded because Anderson Cooper is a) a member of the lamestream liberal media; and b) possibly gay himself.

  8. stonyground says

    The interviewer mentioned Hitler and the Jews but failed to mention that gays were on Hitler’s hit list too. Memo to unbelievably stupid woman, if you agree with Hitler that means that you are a bad person.

  9. ik says

    The million dollar question is what happens if _combine, not segregate_ genocidal religious extremists, and put them all in a fence.


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