More on the NDAA

Last week Stephen Colbert had a good segment that dealt with the National Defense Authorization Act that Congress and the White House rushed through during the holiday season with little or no discussion of its dangerous features. I wrote before about how it authorizes the military to detain anyone to be held indefinitely without trial.

The New York Times an interesting profile of Colbert and a look behind the scenes of his show.


  1. pHred says

    Welcome ! I am really looking forward to your blog if you go on as you have started.

    I heard an NPR interview with Stephen Colbert and was really impressed with him, though I generally can never make it though one of his shows.

  2. Konradius says

    I’d love to hear such an interview! I loved Stephen’s interview of Neil deGrasse Tyson for example.
    Do you have a link..?

  3. Mano Singham says

    Glenn Greenwald has also checked and his myth #3, based on the actual reading of the text, seems to me to be pretty definitive. He says that the language does not ‘require’ the detention of Americans like it does for non-US citizens but does allow for it.

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