Another Camera Test

I went by Laumeier Sculpture Park this morning and was underwhelmed.  I walked only the 0.64mi. (ca. 1km) paved “Central Pathway”; and there were only a couple of handfuls of pieces, mostly just geometrical things of steel jutting out seemingly at random.  There are a couple of other trails with, I guess, more, and more interesting, works; but those paths are unpaved, which wouldn’t have worked well with my walker.

There were only a couple of pieces that caught my eye for more than a few seconds, and one of the pictures I took was really bad because I had wiggled the camera when I hit the shutter button.  I have only one picture that I’m willing to admit that I took.

Witkin Piece

Witkin Bio

I need to be a lot more careful about keeping it straight when taking pictures of text.  I should have made the text image bigger, too, so that it would be more legible.  2023-09-11:  I figured out how to rotate the image a bit, and I made it bigger.  There’s still a little distortion because I didn’t have the camera’s focal plane totally parallel to the plaque when I took the picture.

I’m going to need a lot more practice before I burden y’all with any more of this.

Techie Trivia

1.  There’s a switch on the side of each of the two lenses that came with the camera that can be used to turn off autofocus, and I’m happy to turn the focus ring myself.  Also, with autofocus on, the flash magically pops up and wastes energy even in bright sunlight.

2.  I decided not to try to load an image into InfanView directly from the SIM card.  I was a little surprised to find that the SIM card isn’t read-only when it’s out of the camera so, in Windows, I can just copy *.JPG into some directory on my hard drive and del *.JPG on the SIM card when I’m sure that I have all the images on my laptop.  That keeps the SIM card from getting filled up with old images, and normal backup of my hard drive insures that I don’t lose anything.

3.  I decided not to do the “let anybody run it” installation that Marcus suggested.  I just double-click on the icon on my desktop and the program runs fine.  I have administrator privilege, I’m the only person who uses that computer, and I generally keep it with me for physical security.


  1. SailorStar says

    That’s a nice, crisp picture of the sculpture. Great detail–sometimes darker images lose the subtle details. Glad you’ve got something enjoyable to keep your mind busy. If you want to reposition the text, even the came-with-the-computer photo editor tool should let you rotate the image until the text is correct. I use Photoshop 6; the last Photoshop version that doesn’t make you pay every month and store things in the Cloud. For a casual-to-mid-level home user, Photoshop 6 gives you more than enough editing ability.

    SIM cards behave more like old floppy disks and less like the CDs that replaced them in that you can add or delete files anytime you like. Like you, I also delete pictures from the SIM card to ensure I have room for future images I really want. You’ll find that from time to time, despite your efforts, an image you capture is just not good enough. DELETE, and it’s gone. I also have different SIM cards for different type of pictures: SIM1 for vacations, SIM2 for family occasions, etc. I have one SIM card that’s 25 years old and still working fine.

  2. says

    I use Photoshop 6; the last Photoshop version that doesn’t make you pay every month and store things in the Cloud

    Photoshop 7 is still purely local; that’s what I use.
    A few years ago, Adobe used to make 4 through 7 free but they may have taken it down. I bought my copy in 2002 and I still use it. Office 95, too. Wow those old pieces of software are lightweight and fast compared to the new stuff!

    I did an experiment once opening a file with multiple layers under PS7, and under Creative Suite. The memory use was 50MB compared to 1.5GB.

    Only problem is I have to keep a small partition with under 1tb of free space because old Word and Photoshop read “drive full” if they ask the OS for free space and get back more than 1tb.

  3. SailorStar says

    Heh. I’m still using Word 97 that I bought on 3.5″ “floppy” at CompUSA for very little money in the late 1990s. It does what I want and has very little bloat.

    I was not aware of Photoshop 7 because 6 has worked so well for me all this time, so I never looked to upgrade. It seems shortly after 7 was released, Adobe fell into the “pay us lots of money and we may or may not provide you a service that may or may not get hacked, we don’t care because we have your money.” I am just opposed to paying monthly for SAAS for so many reasons.

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