Garl Latham

I’m saddened to report that long-time passenger rail advocate, Garl Latham, has died.

Although it would be presumptious of me to say that I was his friend, I met him several times at various TXARP meetings in both Dallas and Fort Worth; and I was looking forward to seeing him again a couple of weeks ago at a conference in Fort Worth that I couldn’t attend.  Garl greeted me personally on my first arrival at the current Amtrak station in Fort Worth, and I met him on his first arrival at the current station in St. Louis.

Garl was a deeply religious person, but apparently one who took Matthew 6:5-6 to heart.  I knew him as a very humble and caring person who never threw his religion in your face.  Our discussions were all about trains, and I learned a great deal from them.

My heart goes out to Garl’s family and close associates.  I know he’ll be missed…heck, I miss the thought of his being around, and I was never more than on his periphery.


  1. K says

    Sorry for the loss of a rail advocate. The USA could be so much better at trains and other public transportation and we need every voice to speak up for it.

  2. says

    There does seem to be a certain personality type that loves rail. My dad’s one – he worked as a cook on the great northern line to put himself through college, and just the squeal of steel on steel makes him perk right up.
    I’m sorry Latham’s gone from your life.

  3. Jeremy Glebe says

    I am Garl’s son-in-law Jeremy. I was googling his name to quickly get to his YouTube channel and I’ve been shocked by how many people, over the past 24 hours, have been posting on blogging or train-related forums about how much he meant to them. He was one of the best people I know and it’s so awesome what a difference he’s made in the world and to so many people.

    Hope all his rail friends keep it going. He’d be Happy.

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