Issaquah trip report, day 3

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2023-02-05 04:30-8:00

I had gone to bed early last night, so I woke up early this morning feeling as refreshed as I ever do these days.

And I didn’t have to wonder what to do with myself since the answer was obvious:  get my day 1 & 2 trip report in order and posted.  That was basically my job for this morning except for the complimentary breakfast buffet at 07:00.

10:30:  checked out of the Embassy Suites, taxi to Issaquah, checked in at the meeting hotel.

My room at the Garden Inn in Issaquah is not as awesome, but it has an alarm clock by the bed and a place to plug in my laptop right there at the desk where I’m using it…things that one expects at even three-star places but were lacking at the Embassy Suites.

The hotel restaurant won’t open until 16:00 for supper, so I got a couple of bags of Cheez-It and a diet Coke to tide me over until I can get some real food.  The meeting host (Microsoft this time) will graciously provide catered breakfast and lunch buffets Monday through Friday, and I expect breakfast on Saturday as well.

So I’m starting on my day 3 report.  Since I have nothing else to say about today yet, I’m back in sync. 😎

16:15:  I’m all caught up on my e-mail and FtB reading except for a couple of videos that Abe Drayton posted.  I might pass on swamp critters and slime molds. 😎  For now, this old fart wants to take a nap.

18:00:  there was an informal meeting in the lobby for new folks on the committee.  I didn’t see any of the old-timers whom I knew well, so I didn’t join in.  Instead, I went to the hotel’s “restaurant”, which is really a bar.  They had kickboxing on one TV and Tucker Carleson on the other.  Not my kind of place as you might imagine.  I had their fish and chips for supper, which was acceptable; but I think I’ll have to look for another place nearby to have my evening meal.

Tomorrow begins a week of meetings.


  1. Katydid says

    If the catering is robust enough, you might not even want supper. That’s happened to me from time to time. Enjoy your meetings!

  2. says

    Welcome to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Issaquah is a great town, you can easily walk to nice hikes from your hotel – I hope you get some free time to explore.

  3. billseymour says

    joelgrant:  this old back doesn’t want me walking around too much, plus I’m busy with meetings all day.

    I lived in Seattle for a couple of years in the 70s.  I agree that it’s pretty when it’s not raining. 😎

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