Spook Season Gaming: Super Metriod

Howdy, strangers! Geez, it’s been a while since I blogged. I apologise for not having a lengthy, in-depth article for you, but I haven’t had enough time or desire to sit down and write one.

Instead, I have a grudge to settle. Remember way back in the day, when we were fundraising for the site? I started playing Super Metroid to do my part, and got about two-thirds of the way through the game before wandering away. Well, guess whaaaat?…

Metroid Samus Returns, and Metroid prime 4! Oh my word, I’ve waited so long T__T Super excited to play them! Thank you Nintendo for making these games. June 2017 Digital procreate

(Samus and baby Metriod, by Lyra Dark)

Now that spooky season is upon us, I think it’s time I finished that play session off. Head on over to my Twitch channel to watch me stumble about in the dark, starting…. pretty much as this post goes live, come to think. I really need to get better at planning these ahead of time. 😛

There’s no official fundraiser attached to this one, but I should plug the site’s PayPal and PZ’s Patreon while I’m here. PZ’s been in a terrible headspace lately, for understandable reasons, and some of his Patreon income helps keep the site afloat. By donating you can both send an uplifting message to him and help keep the lights on around here.