Another Day, Another Right-Wing Quote Lie

It seems that pretty much every day of the week, one can find right-wing spokesmen using fake quotes to justify their beliefs.

Today’s lying wingnut is Sarah Palin, who gave a sing-song speech-like thingie in Wisconsin supporting Donald Trump to barely any applause at all. Near the end (at the 20:30 mark of the video), she says,

“Well, General George Patton, he said it best, he — leading the greatest generation — he said
‘Politicians are the lowest form of life on earth’, he said it, I didn’t, OK? he said it. And he said, ‘Liberal Democrats are the lowest form of politicians.’ ”

Well, no, Patton didn’t. This was debunked months ago.

Sarah Palin, like most of her wingnut friends, is completely uninterested in the truth. All she cares about is having a cudgel to beat Democrats with.

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