One class done (mostly)

I just finished grading all those exams and lab reports for genetics. It is finished!

OK, almost. There is an optional final exam next week — it replaces any low exam grade they might have received over the course of the term, and I expect that very few of the students will bother.

I still have the other course to wrap up, though, so it’s still going to be a busy couple of days.


  1. says

    An optional final exam? Wow, what a softie. Why not just assign the students cute animals instead of letter grades? Who wouldn’t be happy to take home a report card full of polar bears, hedgehogs, and sea otters?
    I had a class in college in which we were given a pre-final. I asked if it was anything like a pre-frontal, but it turned out it was just a quickie final in which a score of 90% counted as the final exam grade and got me out of showing up finals week.