I think I’ll avoid the news for a few days

Trump is supposed to be ‘arrested’ tomorrow (which probably means he shows up at a courthouse, is photographed mercilessly while treated with great deference, then retires to a luxurious hotel room to scribble on Truth Social about his martyrdom). Nothing much of substance will happen, but all the networks will be full of false piety and claims that this is an exceptional and significant event, which it isn’t. And of course all the morons will be raging with their battery of flimsy rationalizations.

Sadly, all our news sources will take these excuses very, very seriously and parrot them continuously. Which is why I’ll be ignoring the news for a few days. I hope no catastrophes that might affect me happen! Zombies, please stay dead until next week, maybe. We’re getting another blizzard tomorrow so you’re not going to be getting around very well anyway.


  1. kenbakermn says

    I don’t know, I’m thinking a good zombie apocalypse just the thing we need right now.

  2. says

    I think I’ll avoid the news as well. That way I can better cling to my own fantasies about the arrest.
    “We’ll need your shoelaces and your stupid red tie.”

  3. StevoR says

    Whelp. There is one news story I’m keern to leatrn about re: the Artemis II spaceflight..See :


    Actually, I am kinda really keen to see a semblance of justice begin to be done to Trump too.. and ,personally, I’d like to know what’s going on in the world depressing and scary as that often is.

    .. all the networks will be full of false piety and claims that this is an exceptional and significant event, which it isn’t..

    Um, seeing a rich white man face actual consequences is pretty rare and exceptional. A former POTUS facing crimianl charges is historic and a first.

  4. acroyear says

    I’ve been ranting about the media treatment here for weeks now.

    All Trump wants is to be front page news. That’s all he’s ever wanted. Winning? Front page. Losing? Front page.

    The greatest day of my (news-reading) life was a first day in January of 2017 where Trump was not on the front page of the Washington Post. And he ruined it by firing a cabinet member for no reason.

    He fired somebody just to get back on the front page.

    So for NBC in particular that’s making a big deal out of the Tuesday thing and everything Trump says he’s going to do (in contradiction to what his lawyer said, and no, that’s not new enough to be news either), JUST SHUT UP.

    Until something has actually happened, nothing is happening. There is no news except what you’re letting him invent. You’re putting him on the front page so he can stare at us where we can’t look away, and that’s exactly what he wants. Please, dear FSM, stop giving him everything he wants.

  5. says

    Years ago, everyone in our Org. abandoned the Main Steam News (correctly spelled) as tabloid quality BS spewed at the direction of billionaire owners to appease the masses with panem et circenses.
    @4 acroyear, please be careful with TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms): FSM is the Flying Spaghetti Monster who should be respected for his exposing the Nat Cs of the Kansas school board among other things. Ramen.

  6. wzrd1 says

    Well, I’ve already been treated to a news story where NYC prosecuting Trump for violating the state’s laws is bad, he should’ve been federally prosecuted first, because of hand wave.
    The general GOP consensus being, STATES RIGHTS!!! STATES SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED TO CHARGE MY GOD-KING!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tomorrow, we’ll be regaled of the wonders of an indictment, or maybe an indicated and the horrors of LAW AND ORDER or something.
    In short, classic doublethink.
    In other wonderfully exciting news, Belarus is getting Russian nukes, threatening to nuke NATO members if they attack. Next, we’ll be hearing of Russian missiles raining down on NATO members like Poland and if they return the favor, they get nuked, Article 6 gets invoked, we nuke Russia and that whole global warming problem disappears.
    In still other news, NASA has selected a crew for a lunar flyby. Gotta make sure the moon is still there an incidentally, make sure that our rocket can actually make the trip.
    And oh, rhubarb is in season. Maybe I’ll buy a pie.

  7. whheydt says

    Slate has an article up about the one thing that Trump will likely REALLY HATE about the whole process tomorrow. He’ll get fingerprinted.

  8. birgerjohansson says

    As the non-MAGA voters dislike Trump – and we don’t know how they will react to DeFascist and other possible candidates- anything that gives him a better place in the Republican primaries is a step in the right direction.
    Yes, Donald, please run again .

  9. brightmoon says

    @9 that song was hilarious especially since I live in Queens (but not Jamaica). Queens tends to disavow Dolt45 because we’re the most ethnically diverse county in the USA .

  10. brightmoon says

    @10 , thanks I’d been looking for a better nickname for DeSatan for a while DeFascist works

  11. Pierce R. Butler says

    brightmoon @ # 12 – As a traditionalist, I’ll stick with “DeathSentence”.

  12. StevoR says

    @ ^ Pierce R. Butler & 12.brightmoon : Ron DeathSantis for me. After his horrific covid record.

  13. StevoR says

    @7. wzrd1 : “In still other news, NASA has selected a crew for a lunar flyby. Gotta make sure the moon is still there an incidentally, make sure that our rocket can actually make the trip.’

    That’s why they flew Artemis 1 as an uncrewed test flight first. Well, for the second part of that anyhow.

    See : https://www.nasa.gov/artemis-1

    Been waiting my whole lfie to see people back on the Moon and hopefully exploring far beyond it landing on Mars and elsewhere. Love all that stuff and can’t wait to see more happen. Just wish more of it had happened earlier as scheduled from the SF I grew up reading and watching..

    Oh & rhubarb crumble – delicious! My Mum makes the best rhubarb crumbles ever tasted.

  14. wzrd1 says

    @StevoR, same here. We never should have quit exploring, we’d already have had R&D bases on Mars and get some real planetary science done!

    Want to share her recipe? I always love to try new dishes. :)

  15. Michael Noone says

    Just remember that a pardon (by president Ford) was the main reason Richard Nixon was not facing charges. And with less of a receptive audience.

  16. silvrhalide says

    @9 thanks for the song, I needed that. Mass transit is going to be absolutely fucked around here for the next week or so. Contemplating calling in sick for the days I am required to be in office. it would certainly be true–I’m so sick of the orange asshole and all his BS.

    Now you’re ruining my fantasy that 1) he will actually spend time in jail, pretrial and 2) that he’d actually off himself.

    @7 it snowed here about 2 weeks ago. There is no fresh rhubarb to be had here. Don’t tease the animals.

    @11 My take is because he was always a crappy landlord and Queens is rather intolerant of such. Everything TFG touches looks like a cheap casino–look at what he did to Bonwit Teller.

    @17 As mentioned on a previous thread, a presidential pardon doesn’t mean jack shit. TFG is facing state charges (NY). A presidential pardon only affects federal crimes. It has no jurisdiction over state crimes.

  17. Ichthyic says

    my only comment on all of this…

    why on earth would you use rhubarb when you can use strawberries instead?

  18. birgerjohansson says

    I always was an enthusiast for manned planetary exploratiin, ever since 1969.

    Now I know the physiological problems with micrigravity, and with high-energy galactic cosmic rays. The latter require very thick, heavy shielding. Let Davud the homicidal android do the heavy lifting.