They’re lying to us: news at 11

Fox News is being sued for $1.6 billion by Dominion voting systems for their lies about voter fraud. Mano has the story of how Fox News memos reveal that they knowingly lied. Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham were presenting absolute lunatic Sydney Powell as a credible source on air, while saying behind the scenes that she was “lying,” “unguided missile,” “dangerous as hell,” “mind-blowingly nuts,” “totally off the rails,” “completely BS,” and “a complete nut.” Then they’d publicly treat her as a respectable source. They knew. They lied.

Also disgraceful: Maria Bartiromo, unhinged Trump fanatic, knew a few things about her sources.

“Powell’s source … explained that she gets her information from experiencing something ‘like time-travel in a semi-conscious state,’ allowing her to ‘see what others don’t see, and hear what others don’t hear,’ and she received messages from ‘the wind,'” stated the lawsuit.

Real journalists, on hearing that their witness got their information from someone who claimed to have traveled in time while snoozing, would just close their notebooks, hang up or walk out, and refuse to use anything from that source ever. Not Bartiromo! She went live with it, not bothering to acknowledge that she got it all from a trippin’ loon.

Remember, nothing out of Fox News is journalism, it’s all dishonest propaganda. I hope they lose their lawsuit. Losing $1.6 billion would sting, but realistically, their wealthy billionaire backers will cover the loss and they’ll keep on poisoning the country with lies. We’re never going to pop that bubble as long as inequity allows the rich to trample the truth.

Or as long as one of our political parties is corrupt and willing to cover up the facts. Here’s an ugly local story about a Minnesota state representative.

According to the police reports, Grossell, 53, appeared intoxicated when he walked into the hotel bar at the Best Western Plus Capitol Ridge, known as the Kelly Inn, on St. Anthony Avenue near the state Capitol shortly after midnight on May 4. Like many lawmakers from Greater Minnesota, Grossell rented a room there while the Legislature was in session. [Hey, I’ve stayed at that hotel several times — I had no idea it was infested with politicians! –pzm]

After three more drinks, the bartender told police, Grossell slumped over a table. A hotel security guard was called over, and, according to a video footage reviewed by police, Grossell shoved the security guard five times, the fifth time being a two-handed shove that caused the guard to lose his balance. A “grapple” ensued, police reports state. The guard later said Grossell slapped him at one point but he was uninjured. The guard allowed Grossell to go to his hotel room.

The hotel called police. The guard said he wanted to press assault charges, and officers said hotel staff wanted Grossell evicted.

Officers found Grossell kneeling on the floor of his room. He was “unable to fully communicate.” Unsure if Grossell was having a medical episode, and believing he was unable “to care for himself,” a St. Paul police sergeant decided to have Grossell taken to Regions.

After investigators viewed security footage and interviewed witnesses, they cited Grossell for disorderly conduct.

According to the police reports, Grossell became “belligerent” at the hospital on several occasions, leading to an escalating situation that resulted in police arresting him for trespassing.

A nurse reported that Grossell was being “so disruptive in the pod that visitors and patients were being disturbed from their care, coming out of their rooms to see what had been going on,” one officer wrote. A doctor had concluded there was no medical reason to keep him there, and they needed him to leave so that other patients in the waiting room could be seen. Grossell was offered cab fare to take him home, but he refused.

The nurse told the officer that “Grossell referred to her as a ‘sick b—-‘ and told her to ‘get your head out of your ass.’”

This unsavory and unpleasant person has been elected to state office twice. He serves on the House Public Safety and Criminal Justice Reform committee. He is, of course, a Republican. Notice how the state party responds to this news.

Grossell, who sits on the House Public Safety and Criminal Justice Reform committee, among others, has faced no formal repercussions within the state Legislature. On Wednesday, a spokesman for House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt, R-Crown, declined to comment. As head of the Republican caucus, Daudt could effectively “discipline” Grossell by getting him removed from committees. House Speaker Melissa Hortman, DFL-Brooklyn Park, has the ultimate power over such things. She declined to comment Wednesday.

The Republicans have no integrity or honor. Hortman, a Democrat, is also letting him escape with no consequences. And this is how we run the country?


  1. raven says

    The Republicans have no integrity or honor.

    The GOP used to claim to be the party of “family values”.
    And the party of “personal responsibility”.

    You notice that they don’t claim that much any more.

    They are now the loud and out party of white racism, hate, and fascism.

  2. Larry says

    It isn’t as if we didn’t already know. They supported what was easily the most corrupt administration in US history, white-washed an attempt to overthrow the election and the government, and after the most recent election allowed a man whose entire background was fabricated to be seated. They also appointed to important committees, reps who actually supported the coup and, may have, in fact, participated. They also have seated members who have supported and attended rallies for white supremacists.

    The entire party needs to die.

  3. says

    Well, it’s Minnesota, doncha know. Aren’t people there drunk most of the time? Something to do with the cold?
    Seriously, not only do these Republicans lack honor and integrity, they’re even lacking basic manners. They can’t be trusted to behave themselves in public, yet they are allowed to make public policy.
    I can’t help but wonder–what sort of behavior would constitute a deal-breaker, disqualifying someone for public office? Donald Trump famously said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose support (the one thing he ever said that I believed). As far as I know, he hasn’t done that yet, but he did send a mob of violent shits to the Capitol to disrupt and threaten Congress, and has yet to be held accountable.
    I used to drink a lot (in the early 80s) and once blacked out while attempting to walk home, winding up in the wrong backyard causing a bit of a commotion. Homeowner tackled me, broke my nose, and I got arrested (though he didn’t press charges).
    I guess nowadays that and an “R” next to my name would qualify me for County Commissioner or something.

  4. Die Anyway says

    “And this is how we run the country?”
    Yup. For a very loose definition of “run”. Or maybe that was a typo and you meant “ruin”.

  5. says

    [Hey, I’ve stayed at that hotel several times — I had no idea it was infested with politicians! –pzm]

    It used to be that they’d have an on-call contract with the local pest control company & such things would be taken care of out of sight & the hotel guests would not know any better. Unfortunately, these days it is not uncommon to find politicians that have developed resistance to several families of pesticides targeting distinct molecular pathways.

  6. Athaic says

    @ augustpamplona

    Unfortunately, these days it is not uncommon to find politicians that have developed resistance to several families of pesticides

    And yet, it’s not like we overused these products. I’m afraid resistance arised because we used too often a low dose, and not long enough.

  7. Alan G. Humphrey says

    Of course this is how the country is run, we have one set of rulers, oligarchs, with a two-ring circus disguised as political parties to make the citizens believe they have some say in how it’s run. It is no accident that these parties play ping-pong with congressional majorities and administrations. I knew for certain that the system was rigged when Reagan was installed just four years after Nixon’s malfeasance had the pundits declare the Republican party defunct for a generation. History shows us that Nixon’s crimes of collusion with North Vietnam during the ’68 elections were known by LBJ, yet nothing was made public. Then Carter does nothing, so it’s apparent that Democrats’ insistence on bipartisanship is the greasepaint to disguise the co-rule of the two parties. Everything is exactly as the oligarchs want it. Unlike Rome, the USA is fortunate to have wide oceans and restrictive geography to keep the hordes from overrunning it, so our versions of bread and circuses suffice in keeping the status quo.

    so it goes

  8. robro says

    Remember, nothing out of Fox News is journalism, it’s all dishonest propaganda.

    Careful. You might be sued for libel. Nor for saying “nothing out of Fox News is journalism.” They have admitted that in court. But it’s not “dishonest propaganda”…it’s entertainment.

  9. Paul K says

    I heard on MPR just yesterday that Grossel had been pulled over and given a DUI citation up in Clearwater County, MN. He had a blood alcohol level of 0.15%, almost exactly twice the legal limit. They said he had been given a court date, but that this would be a misdemeanor.

  10. birgerjohansson says

    Even in the corrupt British Tory party, being caught while drunk driving would ruin your career, except possibly for Boris Johnson.

  11. wzrd1 says

    Well, Grossell is just following Dick Nixon’s tradition of leadership while inebriated.
    So, even money they’ll prop him up for POTUS. Then, we can get drunken nuclear launch orders back, just like we did under Nixon.

  12. StevoR says

    @ ^ wzrd1 : Whelp, among other things one of the scarier things about Trump was that he was apparently sober throughout his POTUS-cy. Albiet also apparently high as Fk on Adderall and maybe other substances incliuding himself…

    Trump Sr the fake news POTUS anyhow – his giraffe-murdering POS chip off the rancid block of feces Jr, we all know was coked up as Fk on well, not the soft6 dribnk but the homonymn for it drugs~wise. Whatever he was having ..I won’t have.

  13. wzrd1 says

    @StevoR, more likely meth. Just as Hitler and his command staff used quite heavily.
    The paranoia is a dead giveaway.

  14. StevoR says

    @ ^ wzrd1 : Huh. Okay. I thought itwas famously coke for Jr and Adderall for the Sr Trumplethinskin douches but maybe. Possibly they take more than one illict drug too.