It’s always projection with these guys

Look at that! American flag and everything!

Last spring, Randy Kaufman, Republican running for the governing board of the Maricopa County Community College District, was deeply concerned about those leftist perverts and just wanted to protect the children. The children! Think of the children!

In a Facebook post from May, Kaufman said he wanted “our children protected [from] the progressive left.”

Now, in October, a policeman noticed him parked near a pre-school, and approached him to see what was going on.

“[Kaufman] appeared to be looking at a cell phone in one hand,” the police report said. “I immediately became alarmed as I saw [Kaufman] had his pants down mid-thigh and was exposed showing his fully erect nude penis. [Kaufman] was manipulating his genitals in a masturbatory manner.”

He now faces a felony charge and has suspended his political campaign.

I guess he was thinking really hard about the children.


  1. Akira MacKenzie says

    Of course, I’ve heard right-winger’s throw the same accusations of “projection” at us. Let’s see if that makes sense: . WE want to subjugate women under a right wing Christian theocracy, so Margaret Atwood came up with The Handmaids Tale.” WE want to start WWIII, so accuse the Republicans of being jingoistic warmongers. WE want to want a white supremacist ethnostate, so we pick on poor Richard Spencer.

  2. Walter Solomon says

    A ready-made excuse: “to catch the groomer, you must become the groomer.” No one can honestly say that a right-wing hack like this isn’t dishonest and smarmy enough to use that defense.

  3. says

    The only excuse I’ve heard out of him so far is that he was “under a lot of stress.”
    I assume he considered but rejected the old stand-byes “it’s not mine” and “it’s for research.”

  4. Ada Christine says

    ah yes the pete townshend defense. i don’t think that’ll work in this case as he was busted in flagrante delicto tho

  5. says

    We see that here in Scarizona, the state has a clear opportunity to become a leader in this insanity and turn everything over to the slimy hands of the lying, hypocritical, election-denying, rtwing, fascist, xtian terrorist freaks. (and that’s not hyperbole) Our entire organization has already voted early for candidates that are as decent, rational and caring as can be found on the ballot. The aforementioned maniacs have 10’s of millions in dark money behind their endless lies, so I fear the sheople will just nod, drool and vote for insanity.

  6. Akira MacKenzie says

    From the article:

    “I fucked up. I’m really stressed.”<>

    Yeah, that’s too bad , Randy. Hey, do do you know where I always relieve my “stress?” IN THE PRIVACY OF MY OWN FUCKING ROOM, YOU HYPOCRITCAL PERVERT!!!

  7. Akira MacKenzie says

    Hey! I didn’t know that putting asterisks on either side of text will italicize it? Are they’re any other neat shortcuts I should know about?

  8. says

    I think it uses markdown rules, so bracketing with two asterisks makes it bold.


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    I think it also recognizes emojis, like :joy:. Oops, nope, doesn’t work.

  9. robro says

    What!? A conservative politician ranting about protecting children from “progressive leftists” while harboring unhealthy ideations about children!!? That’s impossible to imagine.

    And his name is Randy? Irony never ceases.

    Akira MacKenzie @ #7 — I’ve done stuff and things outside of the privacy of my own “fucking room” but not in the neighborhood of a school (much less a pre-school) nor around other people.

  10. Oggie: Mathom says

    ‘Protect the Children’ right-wingers seem to want children who know nothing about their bodies, know nothing about boundaries, know nothing about why an adult should not be touching them there. If I were cynical, I would think that autocratic authoritarian right-wingers want ignorant children so that they can be abused. I know that, in this case, he didn’t actually do something to a child. I hope someone looks really closely at his history. And it would not surprise me at all if victims start speaking out.

  11. says

    @#2, Akira MacKenzie:

    WE want to start WWIII, so accuse the Republicans of being jingoistic warmongers.

    Hillary Clinton — with the full support of Barack Obama and Joe Biden — lied us into a smaller, but equally disastrous, war than Iraq in Libya, after actually supporting the original Iraq war as well (as did Biden). (“Her” optional war destabilized the whole region, increased terrorism thanks to a sudden power vaccuum, killed tens of thousands directly and created vast numbers of refugees, caused the reappearance of chattel slavery in the country. European governments are still discovering new negative side effects from that invasion, a decade later. So we’re not talking about some minor skirmish — and it was 100% a Democratic Party decision, Congress actually voted against doing it.) And despite Joe Biden’s posturing now, against Putin, about how the use of nukes in tactical combat is a taboo which nobody has broken since 1945, part of Obama’s big budget push in 2016 was to build… tactical nukes for use in combat. (Hillary Clinton supposedly wrote the presentation, and it passed with bipartisan support.) So actually, yes, the Democrats are dangerous warmongers who want WWIII, just like the Republicans.

    Neither major party can really be trusted on any major issue; even on things like abortion where the Democrats talk a good game, the party bigwigs are always out pushing for right-wing, anti-abortion candidates in the primaries (like Pelosi in Texas this round). Trying to kick the can down the road by holding your nose and voting Democratic just means the problem will continue and be even worse next time. When the Clintons stacked the DNC to take official support away from the New Deal Democrats and give us nothing but Republicans Lite up and down the ticket, it should have destroyed the party — everybody who actually liked that should have left to join the Republicans, and the rest of us could actually have gotten rid of the corruption and tried to actually oppose the right wing. But no, no, gotta support the leeches and thieves and idiots as long as they’re Blue, No Matter Who they are. (And then, of course, blame it all on people like Manchin and Sinema, who had the full support of the national party in their primaries against candidates who were further to the left.)

  12. StevoR says

    @ 12. The Vicar (via Freethoughtblogs) : SCOTUS.

    The reason Roe vs Wade was destroyed – along with many other things Trump’s treason SCOTUS has cost – was people like you (& Comey, Bernie & Assange) undermining Hillary Rodham Clinton who despite that actually won the popular vote and was the choice of the majority of Americans for POTUS only to be robbed by the undemocratic and badly in need of abolishing Electoral College which gives voters in Wyoming over three times the vote that Californians get. Why California and the more populous states allow this injustice to continue is beyond me.

    See (again) :

  13. StevoR says

    As for Libya blaming that on HRC seems unfair given it was an on-going Civil War following the Libyan people’s rebellion against Gaddafi who the people there wanted gone – & rightly so since he was a nasty corrupt dictator. You, Vicar seem to be denying the Libyan people their own agency here. As well as that, you are ignoring that it was Obama who was more responsible here in fact rather than HRC. See :

    Obama eventually acknowledged that the Libyan catastrophe was his greatest failure in office — specifically the failure to plan for the aftermath. As he bluntly put it in 2016, according to The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, Libya was “a s— show.”

    The war’s few remaining defenders are right that we don’t know how the original Libyan civil war would have turned out absent Western intervention. Perhaps Gadhafi and the rebels would still be battling it out, with Libya more closely resembling the charnel house of Syria. Perhaps deeper NATO engagement could have prevented the second Libyan civil war, though the Western appetite to expend serious blood and treasure in Libya was nearly nonexistent.

    Source :

    See also this Guardian summary of the Libyan Civil War and its actors and impacts here :

    Note that Hillary Clinton’s name is conspiculously absent from that.

    Oh & it certainly isn’t just the USA that has been involved as this list from wikipedia shows :,_involvement,_and_evacuations

    a huge number of other nations have been entangled in this messy, ugly, brutal ongoing war.

    Quite why the Vicar insists on obsessively singling out and blaming HRC and indeed focusing so much on her given her current irrelevance is beyond me.

    Also horrific as it was, I don’t think Libya can really be compared to Iraq in terms of it’s global impact and legacy and role inthe decline of the USA.

  14. says


    North Africa and Southwest Asia are not renowned for their stability, or their peacefulness upon a change in dictator. Because they’re all dictatorial regimes, even when dressed up with parliaments and/or monarchies. (Israel is a special, and more subtle, case — but not the paragon of representative democracy assumed by the less-sophisticated.) Which is only a contextual preface for this:

    The particular intervention in Libya was pretty much doomed to fail. But so was every other intervention that was logistically achievable short of a pretty-well-unanimous UN effort parallel to Korea in 1950, and the price of doing nothing would have been far, far greater in any timeframe. The option urged by Ms Clinton was in a group that qualified as “prospectively the least bad based on what we know and what we can do.” The gaping holes torn in the military force structure and logistics by the preceding Iraq contretemps were limiting factors, along with the military’s unfamiliarity with the potential battlefield. (That we knew more about Iraq should really frighten you, given how little we knew about Iraq.)

    If you really want to blame someone, blame the senior Bush (I) Administration officials who could not get their heads out of the Cold War and the lower-profit-margin opportunities of a non-Cold-War-oriented military for their biggest friends and campaign donors. Blaming individual legislators is… unproductive.

  15. gijoel says

    I saw an article on mumsnet about drag-queen story hour and I wanted to post a reply. So I went to the local kindergarten to get the best reception. On arrival there I noticed that my fly was undone and so I attempted to do it up as I was on my cell phone. At that point, my pants accidentally fell down and, I regret to say, my hand slipped off my phone and landed on my penis.

    As far as I’m concerned that is the end of the matter.

  16. Rich Woods says

    @gijoel #16:

    As far as I’m concerned that is the end of the matter.

    Was it a happy ending?

  17. KG says

    The particular intervention in Libya was pretty much doomed to fail. But so was every other intervention that was logistically achievable short of a pretty-well-unanimous UN effort parallel to Korea in 1950 – Jaws@15

    Nonsense. All that was needed was to prevent Gaddhafi’s forces taking Benghazi, where he’d threatened a massacre. Logistically, that would have been easy, not even requiring any ground forces. It was the NATO decision to overthrow Gaddhafi (pushed in that instance by the French and British governments, and going far beyond what the UN authorised) that led to the current disastrous situation.

  18. StevoR says

    @ ^ KG : At that point hadn’t the Libyan people themselves already decided they wanted to overthrow Gaddafi?

  19. Louis says

    I looked at the photo accompanying the OP, and without even reading said OP I thought “looks like a nonce to me.”.

    Imagine my surprise when…


  20. Louis says

    @Akira MacKenzie and @Robro #7, #10,

    I have been exceedingly stressed in my own home, with the windows closed and curtains drawn, I even wore a sheet over my head and body just in case, in the dark, outside of term time. However, there is a primary school a mere 700m from my home that is completely obscured by houses and trees and is in no way visible. My stance was not wide at the time, for reference. Nor was I looking for badgers.

    Have I fucked up, and can I be elected to office as a Republican?


  21. Akira MacKenzie says

    @ 23

    Obviously not! You have to do it in public in what would normally be a political-career-ending location.

  22. StevoR says

    @ The Vicar (via Freethoughtblogs) : Have you seen my replies and #15. Jaws ones here to your comment #12?

    You’ve had a couple of days to respond and I know you’ve been viewing and commenting elsewhere here so am interested to get your thoughts on our replies to you here please.