1. ANB says

    Great meme. Post it on your door outside your office.

    (This brings to mind the cartoons I would read as I went down the halls in college(s) and passed by the professors’ respective bulletin boards outside their offices. There were always cartoons; usually Gary Larson if my faded memory serves, but probably the New Yorker too–for the literature faculty types).

  2. mordred says

    @1 When I started studying physics in the 90s all the professors had posters against France’s nuclear bomb tests on their bulletin boards.

  3. mordred says

    @6 No, they were much more serious. The professors seemed really worried and angry about nuclear bombs.

  4. silvrhalide says

    @9 Nice!! And thanks for the link. I always wondered who drew it. It kind of looked like a Shel Silverstein but not quite, not really. The lettering on the lower right hand side never really identified the artist. At least now I have an artist’s name so I can hopefully find reprints for sale. Thanks! :)

    (Yes, I really loved that poster. I offered to buy it from the bookstore owners’ when they finally closed the business and retired but they said they were keeping it and hanging it in their home.)

  5. Pierre Le Fou says

    Out of university with a computer science degree, my first job was at a genomics lab, writing software for processing and comparing sequences. My boss, a biologist from Australia, as I was learning life science things, insisted I couldn’t use the word ‘proof’ when talking about biological processes. “There are only proofs in maths”, he used to say. That was 30 years, ago, and the lesson’s still with me.