Girls get growth spurts

This is a fairly trivial change, but I color coded the growth rate data for Steatoda triangulosa (yellow for females, blue for males), and what jumps out at me is how the females so distinctly surged in size above the males. It’s also obvious differences in morphology, with the females developing enormous abdomens and the males looking lean and rangy.

Also, some of the females started out as the smallest of the cohort, but even they started surpassing the males in the last two weeks.
Now, unfortunately, I am summoned to the doctor’s office for more tests (no worries, all routine), which means I have to wait another hour for the answer to the question: did any of those little males survive spending the night with the majestic massive females?


  1. JimB says

    Let’s see. The Master locks a naked male captive in a room with a captive naked female. Goes off to cavort around for an hour while wondering if the male will survive the ordeal.

    I swear I remember that plot line from an Oglaf cartoon! :)