Did anyone get the license number of that bus?

It somehow ran over me in bed. It might have something to do with whatever was in that needle yesterday. I think the problem is compounded by the fact that Mary cheerfully offered up her left deltoid for the shot, and I unthinkingly did the same…forgetting that I sleep on my left side. I was waking up sporadically all night long as I rolled on that painful shoulder.

Today I’m booked up with appointments until 7pm.

Stupid bus.


  1. says

    I did that too. I got all my three shots in my left arm. I sleep on my left side. I am not very smart.

    (To be fair, being right-handed, the right arm would ALSO not be a very good choice. Just less sleep-deprived.)

  2. TGAP Dad says

    Doesn’t it make you yearn for the days of yore when they’s routinely inject shots into your backside?

  3. Samuel Vimes says

    Good morning, PZ. I hope the rest of your day remains bus-free. OT, but if you have the time, I was wondering if you might weigh in on how accurate this latest xkcd was:

  4. raven says

    It could be worse.

    My idiot antivaxxer neighbor decided the pandemic was over and he didn’t have to worry about the virus any more.
    He is now dead from a Covid-19 virus infection.
    His wife was vaccinated and nothing happened to her, except she is now a widow.

  5. Doc Bill says

    Booster rooster #2. Minor arm irritation around the area my wife gleefully ripped off the little band-aid from my ape-like arm. Minor crick in the neck in the morning, but who knows? And chills that night. Got the chills with Booster rooster #1.

  6. muttpupdad says

    TGAP Dad at #2, I offered mine when I got the shots at the VA but they reminded me that it just may make sitting harder.

  7. brightmoon says

    I’ll be getting mine soon enough. It puts me out of sorta for about 3 days with the soreness and stiffness. So I try to do this on a Friday afternoon and I know I’m not gonna be able to do anything on Monday either .

  8. rorschach says

    The 2nd booster isnt terribly helpful, and not for long anyway. Moderna announced an Omicron-tuned vaccine today, this might be more like it. In the end, we all have to wait for the mucosal vaccine that will come next year, that will end this pandemic. Until then I suggest you wear your mask.

  9. says

    Every time I got that vaccine I got very ill. 105.5F ill. I still did it because this pandemic needs to end. I got my 3rd booster and ran 103F. At this point, I’m done. Covid can’t kill me.

    I’m not an anti-vaxxer. I encourage everyone to get their vaccines up to date. But I am skipping the forth booster. I can’t spare a day and a half to recover from a vaccine.

  10. rorschach says

    @10 “At this point, I’m done. Covid can’t kill me.”

    It can. It does. Protection against death and severe disease after 3x vacc is good, but not 100%, more like 65% after 10+ weeks. You need to not get infected. There is also the 10% chance for long covid, permanent disability, dementia, impotence, diabetes, brain fog, especially in the US with its crazy health care system you probably can’t afford to get this. Wear a mask.

  11. PaulBC says

    I am boosted once as of last December and I’ll leave it at that unless there’s a really good reason to get another shot.

    Speaking of deltoids, I think I may be one of those very rare victims of “SIRVA” (shoulder injury from vaccine administration). The problem isn’t the vaccine, but (supposedly) that the person giving the shot pierces a bursa. I am still glad I’m boosted, but I have shoulder pain that is only gradually getting better several months later. I have restored some reach by stretching. I also have a physical therapy appointment though that was referred because of my other shoulder (I waited a while to schedule and waited more for them to find a spot).

    So it’s entirely possible this has nothing to do with an injection, but the timing is suspicious and I suspect they’re not as good at CVS as they are in a real medical clinic. I do know that my left shoulder hurts and I need to get an ice pack in the middle of the night to get back to sleep. That part is not subject to debate.

    I am reluctant to have any shots in my left arm until this resolves one way or another. I did get complete my shingles vaccination in January I think. Shingles is something I really don’t want.

  12. rorschach says

    “The problem isn’t the vaccine, but (supposedly) that the person giving the shot pierces a bursa.”
    There is only one bursa there, and to inject into that you’d have to be mightily off with your injection angle and entry site. Mind you, a lot of untrained people are giving shots these days, so it’s not impossible.
    In the beginning of the pandemic I used to tweet out pics of vaccinations administered at a wrong angle, but this became tiresome quickly as so many were given with a wrong technique.

  13. raven says

    There is also the 10% chance for long covid, permanent disability, dementia, impotence, diabetes, brain fog, …

    There is more besides the blood clotting problems.

    Just lately, I’ve seen:
    One woman who has lost most of her hair. This is common after a severe illness (Telogen effluvium). Supposedly, it will eventually grow back.

    One patient who got Covid-19 virus two years ago.
    They are now showing extreme sarcopenia, i.e. that is muscle wasting.
    It is not for sure due to the Covid-19 virus infection, but this is a known after effect and they have other long hauler symptoms.
    You do not want to have this.

    The current champion is a 74 year old antivaxxer.
    He went from stage 0 kidney disease to end stage dialysis in one month.
    His surgery to fix a serious leg injury resulting in severe mobility problems was canceled. No surgeon will do it now. Dialysis patients have problems with bone healing.

  14. says

    URGENT SECURITY WARNING!! (actually just a little fun)

    Also, we are very worried, we’ve had two full doses and two boosters of Moderna. Our vaccination card is full. If we need another we’re out of luck. Do we just have to go off somewhere and die?
    We plan to mask (KN95) and distance for the rest of our lives. Not only will it help protect us from viruses, it will also prevent spycams from recording our lawful activities and hopefully we can discourage antivaxxer unmasked rtwing wasps from getting near us.
    Stay safe everyone!

  15. says

    Moderna, huh?

    Let me guess: chills, fever, aches, nausea, mental fogginess, tingling in the fingers, irregular sleeping patterns. Sound at all familiar?

  16. says

    re to 16 Intransitive,
    YEP. you hit the nail right on the nostril! Subsided to barely noticable in about 3 days.
    Of course at my age, I have those symptoms all the time. Just not as pronounced as after the vaccination.
    Back in the ‘pre-historic’ days, my nosing around found most qualified physicians felt Moderna was the best of the three available. LOL, a ‘lesser of evils’ decision, just like in politics. We’re really sad, had a neighbor (who got JnJ just as they were discontinuing) it die of a pulmonary embolism just a couple of weeks ago.

  17. says

    My first injection was AZ, there was no choice in the matter (the only thing available, the only thing they were giving to foreigners). I was down for the count for four full days. The second and now booster were both Moderna, three days each.

    I’m not the type to wimp out and whine over a cold, I’ve taken maybe five sick days since I got to Taiwan in 2005. For me to call in sick takes a lot.

  18. says

    also to #16 intransitive,
    OH, NO, not Arizona!! (if you look at the link in our name ShermanJ, you will see we are infamous in that regard also.) Members of our family have been in Arizona since the 1960’s. However, the ever increasing levels of corruption, malice and stupidity in AZ are causing us to look at moving to a more civilized state; one where there are more tolerant people and fewer hateful people.

  19. nomdeplume says

    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that whichever arm you have a vaccination in will turn out to be the wrong arm [also see check-out queues].

  20. chrislawson says

    Ray Ceeya@10–

    I’m not saying this to dispute your decision, but your risk calculus is based on a flawed premise. COVID can definitely kill you even if you’ve had 3 immunisations and that chance increases dramatically within 3-4 months of a 3rd dose. This doesn’t necessarily mean the only rational decision is to get the 4th dose as it depends on many factors and only you can judge just how badly the vaccine reactions knocked you around. I’m not trying to talk you into having the shot, but I think it’s important that people know that a 3rd dose only gives moderate protection against B.A2, and the protection wanes quickly (we don’t know exactly how quickly yet because B.A2 hasn’t been around long enough for us to have good data).

  21. Hoosier Bluegill says

    I was boosted (Pfizer, but Moderna for the first two – no ill effects from either other a sore arm and feeling a bit tired after the first one) in December. I’m trying to gauge when the B.A2 subvariant wave is going to peak, so that I can hopefully time my maximum immunity from my second boost to coincide with it. Meanwhile, no matter what that right-wing judge in Florida says, I’m continuing to mask indoors in public and on public transportation.