1. Heather Shawver says

    Arachne baby
    Eight-legged lady
    Weaver of the land.
    Fanged smile
    She might feast upon her man.

    Cursed by Athena,
    You must’ve seen her
    Weaving in the sand.
    And now she’s on me,
    Crawling on me,
    Tiny spider in on my hand.

    Two-legged freaks
    Out in the streets
    Handing tickets out for God.

    Turning back
    She just laughs
    Invertebrates aren’t that bad.

    Science man
    He makes his stand
    In the auditorium.

    Looking on
    She weaves the songs
    The pattern she knows
    Her spinnarets hum.

    But her need to feast is real.
    Seeking shelter, she crawls near
    So small, yet causing so much fear
    So I say softly, slowly

    Don’t come closer, tiny spider
    Count the segments on your body
    Stay outside and please don’t come in
    So you can survive another day

  2. René says

    First, I wondered what a canny resemblance would look like.
    Second, PZ should consider selling spider sunglasses with extra eyes on the supports. And a lot of hair everywhere.
    Third. He (definitely a he, him) is quite a little exhibitionist, isn’t he?

  3. weylguy says

    Jumping spiders are the only spiders I’m not afraid of. I think they’re quite cute, and they seem to display a kind of personality.

  4. davidc1 says

    @5 Same here ,it’s the big eyes isn’t it .Also I let the Cave spiders alone that are in my sheds .
    Noticed the other day there were three of them at the back of a three foot shelf ,the only thing I do is blow at them ,I like to see them gyrate in their webs .LOL.