1. maggie says

    Just kinda looks like a picture of the universe being sucked into a gigantic black hole. Well, an orange one, actually.

  2. snarkrates says

    Oh, yeah. Sure. This is the product of a perfectly normal human mind…

    Someone needs to spell relief: THORAZINE!

  3. whywhywhy says

    For my whole life, I have read and been told that being clear and consistent is the core of communication and influencing the world. This message is at best incomplete.

    Given the success of religion, Q, fascism, racism, etc. I think we need to look at the power of vague and confusing statements that let folks insert their own bigotry and biases into the message. And the ability of humans to coalesce around these reflections of themselves. This is art.

  4. Akira MacKenzie says

    Decades of racism, sexism, antigovernmental sophistry, religious zealotry, jingoism, callous disregard for the poor, the impossible promises of capitalism left unfulfilled, and toxic hyper-individuality has resulted in this: A country where a significant portion of the population are somehow considered “sane” when their beliefs and behaviors are entirely indistinguishable from the severely mentally ill.

    This nation is doomed. The Democrats still underestimate the danger these people pose and do nothing to eliminate this threat while the Republicans are eagerly embracing it.

  5. Akira MacKenzie says

    @ 10

    What the hell am I even looking at? It can’t be anything good.

    Oh, nothing less than the end of American civilization.

  6. stroppy says

    Hard to make out. If you enlarge it you’ll recognize some religious stuff and people in Trumps orbit. First blush, I’d say it’s the TrumpGodHead at the center of the universe surrounded by a malevolent version of Time Cube type insanity.

  7. Rich Woods says

    @Akira MacKenzie #11:

    Oh, nothing less than the end of American civilization.

    Doesn’t that happen once every other decade?

  8. Akira MacKenzie says

    @ 13

    After Jan 6 and what’s going on in the Red States, that prediction is likely to come true this time.

  9. says

    Mine has aspartate in the center but it’s still just a creative hyperfocus to look for potential patterns. Those connections up there are being portrayed as facts. Lindell says things like “we know to be true” to cover the fact that it’s belief and they individually resist any effort to find out if it’s true.
    I’ve been trying to use sense of reputation on the Trumpkins I encounter. I’ll hold them responsable for their claims. If they can’t show a present tense “steal” I note that they are lying and not to be trusted.

    I still think the gossip dynamic fits best and they refuse to move to another form of communication from so they can keep that simple narrative for the group to swarm around. This is also a point of vulnerability. They have to act to attack other narratives and to keep this one going. We respond to things they have to do and there is a structure to it.

  10. robro says

    Jim Phynn @ #3 — “Looks like an anus”. That, or a toilet bowl with floaters.

    I had to find out more about the context of this and found this story: The insane ‘path to Trump’ conspiracy theory whiteboard used by Mike Lindell and Michael Flynn showing a maze of ‘connections’ between the ex-president and Jesus, Bill Barr, Ivanka, Bobby Kennedy Sr. and Lin Wood.

    It’s got a straight on shot. Doesn’t help.

    My god, you can enlarge it…amazing detailed scribbles. The top left has two Bible verses. Lots of names…e.g Sean Hannity. AG Bill Bar…ha! That’s a surprise.

  11. christoph says

    I wish you had warned us about what “Goatse” means. I googled the term, now I have to go bleach my eyeballs.

  12. birgerjohansson says

    Stroppy @ 7
    It is nice to finally get a schematic of the motivations of The Joker.

  13. says

    In other news, the orange menace is sueing the CEO’s of google, facebook and twitter for taking away his megaphone. Are we now supposed to feel sorry for this lying loser?

    I suspect it’s going to go just as well as his election lawsuits. The only ones to profit will be the lawyers, if they remember to get paid up front.

    OTOH, my sympathy for aforementioned CEO’s is severely limited. They’ve profited from the orange menace far too long, and only kicked him off their platform when his behavior was too crass to ignore.

  14. brightmoon says

    I rather thought the mix of Trump’s face and the goatse picture over his poop 💩 hole of a mouth were appropriate . Yeah that original picture was a bit much. . I hadn’t heard the term either

  15. says


    When I first came across it many moons ago, I had the same reaction.
    Some things are better left un-googled.

  16. tacitus says

    Had to laugh at “MISSION OVER EGO” on a depiction of the political Universe centered around the man for whom ego is everything.

  17. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    re @20, the lawsuit against FB, Twitter, et al:
    I expect the court to toss it at first glance, as it charges them with violating the 1st Amendment, which is totally inapplicable, as the first applies to regulating the government’s actions,not the actions of privately owned publishers.
    He is so desperate to stay in the news, he’ll fabricate mythical lawsuits, like the Emperor’s New Clothes being so beautiful only the most intelligent could see them (he believed).
    excuse me going off on a tangent, this 1st amendment nonsense sets me off

  18. says

    @29 davidc


    In fact, I will solve the problem for you: Back in the early days of the web, one early troll technique was ‘shock sites’, domains that existed solely to host one or more unpleasant ‘shock’ images, of which a handful became infamous. One such website was “”, already a questionable domain name, which hosted a single image: a photograph taken looking up the gaping stretched-wide anus of a bent-over man who was holding it open with both hands for the camera. Notably, he was wearing a wedding ring. Eventually the domain name, without its TLD, came to refer to this image.

    So everyone commenting “looks like an anus” is firmly agreeing with everyone saying “looks like goatse”, which is unpleasant things happening to an anus. Perhaps less unpleasant than having Donald Trump’s face shoved in it, though.

    That description I just gave you was perhaps more graphic than you would like. Trust me that in this form it’s sparing you the bulk of the unnecessary squicking. This was one of only two shock images of that era that I was unable to avoid.

  19. davidc1 says

    @30 Thank you for your service to humanity ,and me ,I will return the favour ,DON’T ,repeat DON’T look up ,Man cuts meat with toenail ,you have been warned .