On a busy day with lots of intermittent distractions, I have to admire Le Guin’s writing schedule.

The thing about the teaching day is that it’s broken up into short blocks sprinkled throughout the day, so blocks of time in which you build up so momentum don’t happen — you get short intervals which you have to spend getting ready for the next one hour chunk of something completely different. It could be better, if we had something like a 4 hour block of teaching, and a 4 hour block of research, but nope, everything is interleaved and we’re trying to mesh with every other faculty member and student needs.

Maybe someday, if I live long enough to retire. Except I notice Le Guin doesn’t include much spidering in her schedule, so there’d have to be a few differences.


  1. brightmoon says

    When I was a stay at home mom , I had a similar schedule . Get the kids out the door and start drawing/ read mail . When I don’t have to go anywhere I spend a lot of time doing art . Occasionally I’d do housework in the morning but that was rare.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    I have little to add, except when you feel the work and the background noise of political madness gets too much, take a break and watch cute animals at Youtube.
    My current favourite is SaveAFox, with very social foxes saved from the farms. Or other rescue animal sites.
    And when you watch spiders devour a meal, it helps if you pretend they are eating Mitch McConnell or the vampire guy , Miller something.

  3. says

    You know what’s awful? I just finished my last class, and it would be nice to buckle down to some work, but I’ve got another appointment in an hour. Once that’s done, I’ve got an hour of spider feeding to do, and then my day is sort of done, and I’ll have accomplished little long-term progress.


  4. christoph says

    @ birgerjohansson, # 3: Check out fennec fox videos on YouTube, if you have some extra free time.

  5. PaulBC says

    A meeting, or more so having to do an interview and write feedback really throws off my schedule. I am not sure I could ever have the discipline to just write (or code) at a fixed block of time every day, but the interruptions really kill me.

    100% remote work is a lot better than the “open plan” office though. I hope that will be one of the victims of the pandemic.