Well, not ever gonna play Fall Guys now

Fall Guys is a popular video game. I’m not much into video games, so I probably wasn’t going to play it anyway, but now this illustration of the hypothetical anatomy of the creatures in it has totally turned me off.

What is the jaw connected to?

I understand some of you are repelled by spiders, but they at least have a logical structure. This is the kind of content that sends my brain screaming into the void.


  1. Owlmirror says

    Jeez, PZ, it says right on the graphic “For internal use only”. You’re supposed to swallow it as it is.

    What is the jaw connected to?


  2. Matt Cramp says

    For context: this is a game where up to 60 little bean people endlessly run padded Wipeout-style obstacle courses to try and win the Crown for the last player standing. It is colourful and cartoony and at no point implies the bean people contain horrifying and anatomically dubious skeletons

    Also their Twitter account declares some idea or other officially canon every other week, freely contradicting itself

  3. says

    Its a very silly game that got popular fast even with people who hate playing online battle royal game. It has been fascinating to see this often luck based gameplay form metas and griefers and obvious cheaters in so such a short amount of time; PhDs will be written about.

  4. Morgan says


    Also, PZ, please, watch your wording. Given the current state of the games industry, a headline like that immediately makes me think “oh shit, what abusive/criminal thing did the Fall Guys team do?”.

  5. William George says

    Lovecraftian horror skeletons for being trapped in a multi-coloured hellscape of endless cartoon competition? It all fits.