1. says

    To paraphrase a comment seen elsewhere a bunch of these guys have been planning for years for the great collapse, only to whine about not getting a haircut and going to eat wings at their favourite bar when something bad does happen.

  2. Reginald Selkirk says

    These people are insisting on the “right” to kill many people by spreading the virus. How many of them claim to be “pro-life”?

  3. maireaine46 says

    This is so true, sad to say. My son works in an essential delivery company, making sure people get all the stuff they “must” have., goes to work every night to keep his health insurance.
    The rich and entitled don’t care, and the poor and deluded Trump supporters don’t believe the intended deaths include them as well. And of course they do not care who else they kill.

  4. davidc1 says

    @3 Over here in good old GB someone for an April fools day prank thought it a jolly spiffing wheeze to
    fake an announcement from McDonald’s saying they would be reopening on the 1st for drive through and take out .
    There was tears before bedtime ,as the saying goes .

    And i thought all these gun nuts were all true rugged amuricans ,i bet Davy Crockett didn’t break off from playing johne wayne to have his hair cut .

  5. davidc1 says

    @5 I wish him well ,over here in England for the past month or so ,people have been going out on Thursday night at 8pm and standing on their door steps been clapping for all the essential workers and the NHS .
    And some people want to open the schools ,not the public /private schools of course ,just the state ones .
    Meanwhile the MP’s in the HOC are sitting six ft apart .
    Plus the bastard tories are already floating the idea that there will have to be massive cuts in public spending
    when this is all over to help the economy , bastards ,did i say they were bastards ?

  6. consciousness razor says

    If the fuckers really are worthless, meaning poor, then I don’t blame them. It’s not as if our government is doing enough to actually help people through this … other than bailouts for the rich, of course, where it’s much more than enough.

  7. vucodlak says

    When your entire conception of masculinity is wrapped up in presenting a very narrow band of acceptable appearances, and your entire identity is wrapped up in presenting that sort of masculinity (and rejecting the humanity of anyone who deviates from that standard), then it’s a big deal when you can’t get your hair cut. How can you sneer about “longhairs” when you, yourself, have hair that’s a whole inch longer than your fragile self-conception says it should be?

    There’s a particularly toxic strain of “conservatism*” that cares about appearances above all else. Despite stereotypes to the contrary, men of this strain are worse than women. Which is not to say that women like this aren’t also terrible human beings, but the men are more likely to flat-out murder others in large numbers purely for the sake of appearances. This is what we’re seeing in the “OPEN NOW” protestors.

    Having been raised by people of this stripe (who were fortunately slightly moderated by their educations, medical background, and exposure to poverty), I can tell you that there is no sacrifice the protestors won’t make to maintain appearances. They spend money they don’t have, step on anyone and everyone (down to their own children), and kill without pause or remorse, all for the sake of looking “good” by their particularly warped definition.

    *I put “conservatism” in quotes because, far from conserving anything, this strain is extravagantly wasteful.

  8. davidc1 says

    @9 Yes them Nazis were all style over substance ,even got hugo boss to design the uniforms for the ss ,or so i heard

  9. neptis says

    Why doesn’t he have a red Maga cap? That missed opportunity annoys me a little bit.

  10. captainjack says

    vucodlak @ #9
    In my experience men like that are desperately trying to avoid the deep sense of inadequacy and shame that’s at their center. The rigid image of strength and toughness is essential but very fragile. Anything that threatens their ability to hold that image in their minds has to be attacked and eliminated. That’s the essence of toxic masculinity. It usually shows in their relationship to their children, where they use shaming, ridicule and even physical abuse to keep their families from realizing what sad weaklings they are.

  11. auntbenjy says

    Walter Solomon @ 11

    Whatever that video was, I’m getting a “404 not found” error.

  12. anchor says

    These shmucks would have been no match for the average Londoner during the Blitz. They are the very essence of BRAT.

  13. pipefighter says

    Right now it’s these whiners out protesting, but a few more months of no UBI/mortgage/rent freeze and they may become more mainstream than most people are willing to consider.

  14. Howard Brazee says

    Again and again, I see the biggest criticism the Right has of the Left is that we are so very, very selfish.

    That’s because we want to tax them (and us) to help the whole country and maybe even, gasp, the world! We want to be stewards of this planet and future generations.

  15. says


    “There is a certain kind of failure, Travis, who thinks they’re looking forward to the apocalypse. They lead empty, sad little lives but refuse to take responsibility. They tell themselves they were just born in the wrong time. So they think a complete breakdown of society will solve all their problems. And once Tim realizes he hasn’t gotten any less useless, I wouldn’t be surprised if he cracks.”

    Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw – Jam

  16. John Morales says

    Walter, link is still bad. See, when naked YouTube links are posted here, software embeds the video rather than merely display the URL.

    Better would be to put the text of the video up, then Googling it would easily find it.

  17. alwayscurious says

    I found this reopening article rather interesting:

    It is fascinating how the pandemic has revealed how (in)flexible some people and businesses really are. The stampedes of people driving for hours to go to the “reopened” beaches create perverse incentives for the surrounding businesses to be open. Tourism is all well and good until the county tops the charts for new cases. At what point will case load simply stop the tourism? Will it be the beach community officially ending it or unofficially it stops when local businesses simply cannot reopen after the staff gets sick or the store is simply sold out? (locally, a rather famous restaurant closed indefinitely when the head cook died from Covid) In any event, there are lots of people who need help and capable leaders.