Get on the Grandmaphone and get her here right now!

This demanding little girl wants her grandma. We got a call from her mother asking if Mary could come down to Colorado for a few weeks to help with the baby, because she’s (Skatje, not the baby) a grad student trying to finish her degree in a year and discovering that babies eat time like hours are fistfuls of cheerios, and of course Mary eagerly agreed. More time with the one of the two cutest kids on the planet? Yes, please. Also we remember what it was like to be gradstudenting with children, and how nice it would have been to dump them on grandparents now and then, but it was our choice to be poor and living far from our extended family.

So today I get to drive Mary to the airport and send her away for a while. It looks like we’ll be spending our 40th wedding anniversary far apart, but that’s OK, our greatest accomplishment in our life together was creating three great kids, so it’s perfectly appropriate to spend that time helping them out.

Well, except me. I get to stay at home alone and teach genetics and introductory biology and feed the cat, instead. I’m helping by proxy, I get to pretend.


  1. davidc1 says

    I am sure your three kids are are a credit to you ,and their kids are going to be a credit to their parents .
    Can’t imagine the little girl in the photo standing in front of a wild Leopard she has just shot grinning like cretins
    like the snatch snatchers sons .
    Sorry if that sounded a bit grovelly ?

  2. lesherb says

    I have to say, Mary has definitely grabbed the better anniversary activity, if you don’t mind my saying so. Spider sitting just can’t hold a candle to waking up to that adorable face every morning.

  3. gijoel says

    Professor Spider-Sniny or cute granddaughter. It must have been a tough decision. Or it’s part of a devious plot by your cat to cut you from the herd.

  4. says

    Yeah, good luck trying the “two parents working” thing without having the “retired grandparent willing to babysit” thing.
    Only the distance is a bit of a problem in your case.