Wouldn’t it be nice if the people who wrote abortion laws had to know some biology?

Here we go again. In Ohio, Republicans are trying to pass a law requiring that ectopic pregnancies be surgically reimplanted into the uterus. This is not medically possible. An ectopic pregnancy is a crisis that requires surgical intervention, and this law would require that a doctor who tried to save a woman’s life would be charged with murder.

In Pennsylvania, they want to require a birth certificate be issued and a formal burial be carried out for any fertilized egg that fails to implant. Most failures to implant are not even noted by women or doctors — it’s just another menstrual period. This is another law that cannot practically be implemented, and is just another hurdle added to the trauma of spontaneous abortions, or additional expense for planned abortions.

I am getting the impression that regressive conservatives are desperately trying to exploit this moment of ascendance before a progressive rebound slaps them back into the teeming, hellish pit of hatred they come from.


  1. Akira MacKenzie says

    Oh, I’m certain the Ohio GOP knows you can’t re-implant an ectopic pregnancy just as much as the Pennsylvania fetus fetishists know how inconvenient their law would be. I’m guessing that the forced-birthers are racing to come up with the most obnoxious abortion laws possible forcing a legal challenge to take before the Trumpified SCOTUS in hopes that they finally overturn Roe v. Wade.

  2. Kip Williams says

    They also want to be told they can’t do it so they can go and whine about–and fundraise off off–that.

  3. jimzy says

    Many fertilized ova are flushed down the toilet without the women’s knowledge. The ova can not be isolated at the toilet nor at the sewage plant. Therefore all sewage contains human remains and should be placed in coffins with ceremony and properly buried. Birth certificates should be signed by the lawmakers who passed the law. They should also attend the funerals.

  4. William George says

    slaps them back into the teeming, hellish pit of hatred they come from

    Like their viral equivalent, this cultural herpes never goes away. You can only apply salve and hope it doesn’t leave a scar.

  5. microraptor says

    All lawmakers should spend a month getting weekly colonoscopies before they’re allowed to pass a law restricting reproductive rights.

  6. rabbitbrush says

    5 & 6 – Yes, because the prep is ‘way worse than the procedure. They need to drink that $hi† daily. Throw in daily prostate exams, too, since they are mostly men doing this.

  7. says

    @#6, JoeBuddha and #7, rabbitbrush:

    Not that I’m necessarily disagreeing, but you aren’t permitted to eat for 24 hours before a colonoscopy (and the lists of permitted liquids don’t include things which would actually be viable long-term nutrition) so having one daily would automatically require that you starve to death. Why waste money and the time of doctors by actually carrying out the procedures? Just require that they cut out all food for a month as a prerequisite, and let them get on with it without all the extra trouble and expense.

  8. brightmoon says

    Reading stuff like this makes me glad I’ve gone through menopause. I’m sick at heart for young women these days